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(v)- to repeal, to set aside, to nullify
2. abscond
(v)- to leave quickly and secretively
3. accolade
(n)- award or honor, high praise
4. adjure
(v)- to command or urge solemnly and earnestly
5. aggrieve
(v)- to distress, to mistreat
6. ameliorate
(v)- to make better, to ease or improve
7. anathema
(n)- something or someone loathed or intensely disliked
8. ancillary
(adj)- subsidiary, subordinate
9. antipodal
(adj)- situated on opposite sides of the earth, or being exactly opposite
10. apostasy
(n)- abandonment of a loyalty or religion
11. assignation
(n)- a secret meeting, a tryst, or something assigned
12. bandy
(v)- to toss back and forth, to exchange, to use in a glib way
13. bathos
(n)- a transition from the illustrious to the commonplace, overdone pathos, triteness
14. bilious
(adj)- ill-tempered, cranky, angry
15. bivouac
(n)- temporary encampment
16. bumptious
(adj)- pushy, conceited, noisily self-assertive
17. Byzantine (adj)-
extremely intricate or complicated in structure
18. cabal
(n)- a secret group of conspirators, a clique
19. calumny
(n)- slander, deliberate false statements
20. cavil
(v)- to quibble, to raise trivial objections