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Location: Posterior leg (calf muscle)
LM: 24A & 24B
Depressor labii inferioris
Location: Below mouth outward
LB: 47
Tibialis anterior
Location: Anterior leg; leteral to Tibia
LB: 148 LM: 19
Serratus Anterior
Location: Sides, attatch to ribs
BB: 61 LB: 78
"whistling muscle"
LB: 51
Orbicularis oris
"kissing, whistling muscle"
Location: circle around mouth
BB: 14 LB: 42
Peroneus (fibularis)longus
Location: Medial leg; runs from knee downward
LB: 151 LM: 22
Location: Lateral anterior lower arm
AM: 20
"smiling muscle"
BB: 10 & 11 LB: 43 & 44
Location: On cheeck bone
BB: 23 LB: 54
Function: Rotates head.
Location: Runs laterally down neck
Vestus Intermedius
Location: Anterior thigh; deep to rectus femoris; lateral to medialis; medial to lateralis
LB: 138 LM: 11D
Internal Obliques
Location: Medial to external obliques
BB: 63 LB: 83
Location: Back of skull
Location: Chin down front of neck.
Most superficial layer
Peroneus (fibularis)brevis
Location: Medial leg; just above ankle
LM: 23
Gluteus Maximus
Location: Superficial layer of butt
BB: 96 LB: 92 LM: 3
Location: side of head
Orbicularis oculi
"winking, blinking,squinting"
Location:circular around eye
BB: 3 LB: 38
Location: Posterior leg; deep & inferior to gastrocnemius
LB: 154 LM: 24C
Adductor Magnus
Location: Anterior thigh; medial; deep to longus
LB: 143 LM: 14
Shorter of two
Epicranial aponeurosis
Refers to both the frontalis and occipitalis muscles.
Tensor Fascia Latae
Location: Lateral of upper leg
BB: 88 LB: 98 LM: 9
Location: Anterior thigh; starts superior lateral proceeds inferior medial
BB: 89 LB: 136 LM: 10
Erector Spinae
Refers to all muscles in vertebral column
"chewing muscle"
LB: 51
Pectoralis Major
Location: chest muscle
BB: 59 LB: 75 AM: 8
Rhomboideus (major)
Location: Between vertebra and scapula; deep to trapezius
LB: 74
Vestus medialis
Location: Anterior thigh; medial to rectus femoris
LB: 140 LM: 11B
Location: Lateral side of upper arm
AM: 10
Location: Medial thigh (inside leg) from pelvis to knee
BB: 94 LB: 150 LM: 15
Location: Occipitalis downward on posterior
BB: 24 LB: 64
Rectus Abdominus
Location: Stomach (six pack)
BB: 68 LB: 85
Lattisimus dorsi
Location: Covers most of middle and lower back
BB: 64 LB: 73
Gluteus Minimus
Location: Deep to maximus; inferior to medius
BB: 100
Gluteus Medius
Location: Deep to maximus; lateral hip; superior
LB: 93
Teres Major
Location: Posterior; inferior to rhomboideus
BB: 51 AM: 3
Triceps Brachii
Location: Posterior upper arm
AM: 11
Psaos Major
Location: Striplike muscle running from vertebrae downward
BB: 82 LM: 1
Location: Above spine of scapula
BB: 48 AM: 1
Quadratus Lumborum
Location: Internal stomach muscle (plate must be off to see)
BB: 81 LB: 91
Refers to posterior muscles of thighs
Pectoralis minor
Location: Deep to (major); covers upper ribs
BB: 60
Biceps brachii
Location: Muscle on upper arm in middle on anterior
AM: 9
Location: Forehead
LB: 36
Refers to Psoas Major and Iliacus as one muscle
Location: Lateral to psoas
BB: 84 LM: 2
External Oblique
Location: Sides
BB: 63 LB: 82
Adductor Longus
Location: Anterior Thigh; medial; superficial
LB: 142 LM: 14
Longer of two
Biceps Femoris
Location: Posterior upper leg, most lateral muscle
LB: 147 LM: 18
Quadriceps Femoris
Referst to anterior thigh muscles
Splenius capitis
Location: Side of neck; deep to trapezius
BB: 46 LB: 65 & 66
Depressor anguli oris
Location: Sides of mouth downard to chin
LB: 46
Location: Over shoulder (triangle shaped)
BB: 52 LB: 99 AM: 7
Rectus femoris
Location: Anterior thigh; center of thigh, largest muscle
LB: 137 LM: 11A
Location: Posterior thigh; Directly medial to biceps femoris
LB: 145 LM: 16
Transverse Abdominus
Location: Under ribs; deep to obliques
BB: 80
Location: Posterior thigh; derectly medial to semitendinosus
LB: 146 LM: 17
Vastus Lateralis
Location: Anterior thigh; lateral to rectus femoris
LB: 139 LM: 11C