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Chicago lies at 41 degrees, 53 minutes North Latitude and 87 degrees, 38 minutes West Longitute.
absolute location
Certain characteristics of a region include location, limits, and
limits or
the spreading of ideas from one place to another
mapping of the ___ of people afflicted by certain illnesses led researchers directly to the sources of the illnesses and thus to remedies for them.
relationships and actions between humans and enviorment, also a subdivision of geography
enviormental geography
the total impression idividuals have of their surrounding which create a mental map
enviormental perception
example-a desert basin marked by severe aridity, sandy surface, and steep surrounding mountain slops
formal region
example-surrounding region within which workers comute
functional region
What is geographic information systems?
layers of imformation that can determine where a airport could be located.
hamlets, villages, towns, and cities.
cutting down trees, hair spray use, factories burning fuel, cars
human-enviormental interaction
spatial analysis of human population, cultures, and activities and landscapes
human geography
logical attempt to explain the pattern of economic activity and the mannner in which its producing areas are interrelated
location theory