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Powers of Judicial
highest court, chief justice presides at impeachment trial, settle conflicts between states and natl gov
Powers of Legislative
taxes, borrow money, regulate commerce, coin money, post office, HR impeaches; Senate tries, declare war, provide army, MAKE ALL LAWS NECESSARY AND PROPER
Powers of Executive
commander and chief, make treaties, appoint SC justice, sign bills, grant pardons
date of writing and ratification of Constitution
1789... RI last ro ratify
Advantages of AOC
won revolutionary war, northwest ordinace of 1787, created a loose union, names confed USA, grid system of land, sold land for $$
Disadvantages of AOC
no money and no power to get it, no power over states or citizens, uninforcable trade agreements, unfair compition among states, threatened citizens rights to property
states created their own gov, nat gov only to unite states, control trade, foreign policy, conflicts, no strong nat gov, 1 vote to each state... adopted in 1777, ratified in 1781
Elastic Cluase
gives rise to implied powers of congress in addition to express powers of congress
requirements of legisilative
upper/senate: 30 and 9 years as citizen... 2 per state
lower/HOR: 25 and 7 years citizen... population
requirements of judicial
term for life, appointed by pres, can be impeached
requirements of executive
35 and natural citizen
Supremacy clause
This Consititution abd the Laws of the US which shall be made in pursuance thereof; and all treaties... Shall be the SUPREME LAW OF THE LANS, and judges in every state shall be bound thereby
Bill of Rights
what the government cannot fo (free speech, bear arms, quartering soldiers etc)
northwest ordinance of 1787
defined the nw territory and created a plan for their govn't. appointed territorial govenors, when pop permitted 3-5 states could enter confed on equal basis, slavery abolished
Shay's Rebellion
angry farmers who were mad about their land being ceased, forced courts to close, factions all over... leads to decision for ratified AOC
consitutional convention of 1787
2nd one, philadephia, strngthen articles (not get rid of) men atttending were called Founding fathers. SECRET
things in common of men at convention
white, upper classm profitable, very smart
James Madison
Father of Constitution
Virginia Plan
legislature with 2 houses. lower house elected upper house and based on pop. became basis of constitution
New Jersey Plan
one house (equal among all states) and expanded powers. small states wanted this
Great Compromise/ COnnecticut Compromise
lower based on pop (HOR)
upper only 2 reps (senate)
slaves count as 3/5ths person
state powers
crimes, schools, marriage, medical stuff
nat gov
limited powers, coin $, tax, interstate
checks and balances/ separation of powers
all branches balance the other two to keep things equal. no one branch has more power than the other
supported ratification of constitution. argued that size of gov prevented factions from gaining controll,
opposed ratification. too much power to central gov bc of necessary and proper clause... George mason and Patrick Henry. Brutus
signing of constitution
sep 17 1787