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Founded as a haven for Roman Catholics
Indian leader who rules tribes in the James River area of Virginia
Harsh Military governor of Virginia who employed "Irish Tactics" against the Indians.
Lord DeLa Warr
British West Indian sugar colonies where largescale plantations and slavery took root.
Jamaica and Barbados
Founded as a refuge for debtors and a miliary buffer.
Colony that was called "a vale of humility between two mountains of conceit"
North Carolina
The unmarried ruler who led England to national glory
Elizabeth I
The Catholic aristrocrat who sought to build a sanctuary for his fellow believers
Lord Baltimore
The failed "lost colony" founded by Sir Walter Raleigh
Colony that turned to disease-resistant African slaves for labor in its extensive rice plantations
South Carolina
Colony that was called "a vale of humility between two mountains of conceit"
North Carolina
Founded as a refuge for debtors and a military buffer
Philanthrophic soldier-statesman who founded the Georgia colony
James Oglethrope
The unmarried ruler who led England to national glory
Elizabeth I
Riverbank site where Virginia Company settlers planted the first permanent English colony
A melting-pot town in early colonial Georgia
The primary plantation crop of South Carolina
The only southern colony with a slave majority
South Carolina
The primary staple crop of early Virginia, Maryland and North Carolina
Term for a colony under direct control of the English crown
Poor farmers in North Carolina and elsewhere who occupied land and raised crops w/out gaining title to the soil
Maryland statue of 1649 that granted religious freedom to all Christians, but not to Jews and atheists
Act Of Tolerance
Peniless people obligated to work for a fixed number of years, ogten in exchange for passage to the New World
Indentured Servants
Royal Document graning a specified group the right to form a colony and guaranteeing settlers their rights as English citizens
Royal Charters
The harsh system of Barbados laws governing African labor officially adopted by South Carolina in 1696
Slave Code
Terms for two wars, fought in 1614 and 1644, btwn English in Jamestown and the nearby Indian leader
Anglo Pows
Forerunner of the moderns corporation that enabled investors to pool finanfical capital for colonial ventures
Joint Stock
Colony founded by Sir Walter Raleigh that mysteriuosly disappeared in the 1580's
Nation where British Protestant rulers employed brutal tactics against the local Catholic population
Protestant England's early colonial ambitions were fueled by its religious rivalry with ____ _____
Catholic Spain
The defeat of the Powhatan's forces in VA was achieved partually by ____ __ __ ___ use of the "Irish tactics"
Lord De La Warr's
Among the English citizens, the most interested in colonization were:
unemployed yeomen and the younger sons of the gentry
From the time of its founding, South Carolina had a close economic ties with the ________ ________ ____
British West Indies
In their early years, neither ___ ___ nor ___ relied very heavily on slave labor
North Carolina; Georgia
Compared with its neighbors ___ and ___ ____; North Carolina was more democratic and individual in social outlooks
Virginia; South Carolina
All the southern colonies eventually came to rely on the ___-____ _____ agriculture for their economic posperity.
Staple-Crop Plantation
John Rolfe enabled the Virginia colony to survive by introducing ____ in 1619