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poltical scientists refer to bureaucracy as...
the fourth brand of government
who creates and funds beaucracrates
where in the constitution does it say that the president takes "care that the laws shall be faithfully excecuted"
Article II section 3
large and complex oprganization of appointed, not elected, officials.
Max webber
one of first people to think seriously about te importat of bueaucracy. he created the classic conception of bueaucracy in order for society to organize its business.
According to webber bueaucracy has several basic characteristics
1. hierarchical authority structure: chain of command that is hierarchical; the top bureaucrat has ultimate control, and authority flows from the top down.
2. task specialization: a clear division of labor in which every individal has a specilized job
3. extensive rules: clearly written, well-established formal rules that all people in organization follow
4. clear goals: a clearly defined set of goals that all people in the organization strive toward.
5. Merit principle: merit-based hiring and promotion; no granting of jobs to friends or family unless they are the best qualified
6. impersonality: job performance that is judged by productivity, or how much work the individual gets done.
the parts of the american bueuarcracy that distinquishes it
1. divided supervision
2. close public scrutiny
3. regulation rather than public ownership
divided spervision
congress has the power to create, organize, and disband all federal agencies. most are under contro of president. political authorit is shared according to the principles of separation of powers and federalism. This means that the buerocracys play one branch against another
close public security
the operatate unter close scrutiny. 1/2 federal cases involve the governement
regulation rather than public ownership
united states gov agencies regulate privatel owed enterprises, not publically owned.
when the buracracy being
1789 when congress created a department of state to assist the new secretary of state, Thomas Jefferson
Spoils System
reward party loyalists with key federal posts. Also called patronage
The pendleton act
setup a limted merit system for appointing federal officies. Federal service was placed under the civil service commission
civil service commission
supervised a testing program to evaluate candidates. Federal employees were to be selected and retained according to merit, not party loyalty.
the fucntions of the civil service commisson split between two new agencies in 1978
Th office of personnal management and the merit systems protection board
The office of personnel management
administers civil service laws, rules, and regulations. it administers written examinations for competive service, 2/3 appointed officials. when a position opens, it sends three eligible names to the agency, and the agency pick one. once hired they are given a GS (general schedule) rating GS1- GS18 (determines salery.
The merit systems protection board
protects the integrity of the fedral merit system and the rights of federal employees. the board hears charges of wrongdoings
the five biggest employers...
Army, Navy, Airforce, the department of veterans Affairs, and the us postal service.
57% male
73% white
10% works in DC
average age is 42
the cabinet departments
department of state
department of trasury
department of defense
department of justic
department of the interior
department of agriculture
department of commerce
department of lbaor
department of health and human services
deparment of houseing and urban developement
department of trnsportation
department o energy
department of eucation
dempartment of veterans affirs
department of homeland security
Intelligence reform and terrorism prevention act
called for an overhaul of the nation's intelligence gathering apparatus in a half-century. created a postion for director of national intelligence.
Independent regulatory agencies
interstate commerce commision (ICC)- regulates railroads
federal trade commission (FTC): regulates business practices and controls monopolies.
national labor regulations board (NLRB): regulates labor-management relations
Federal reserve board (FRB): The FRB governs banks and regulates the supply of money
Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC): polices the stock market

they cannot be removed by the president
Government coporations
blend of private corporation and government agency. created to allow more freedom and flexibility than exists in regular government agencies.
examples of government corporations
corportation of public braodcasting: operates the public radio and television stations.
The US postal service
The tennese valley authority: created under roosevelt to harness the power of tennesse river to protect farmlands and providecheap electricity
Independent Executive Agencies
main function is not to regulate but to fulfill oter administrative reponsibilities
em. General services administration
how much power do they have?
depends on how much discretionary authoriy they have. Bureaucrats make polocies and choose actions thjat are not spelled out in advance by laws. they do the nuts and bolts of executing policies that are made by congress, president and supreme court
after president signs a bill into law, the buraucracy must implement it. Bureaucrats develop procedures and rules for implementing policy goals, and they manage the routines of government (delivering mail and collecting taxes)
Munn Vs Illinois
confirmed the rights of the state of illinois to regulate the charges and services of Chicago warehouse.
agencies first reviece a grant of power from congress to sketch out hte means of executing broad policy decisions. next, the agency developes a set of guidelines to govern an industry, ususally in consultation with people who work in those industries. the agency must apply and enfornce its rules and guidlines.
againcies cannot hire, fire, build or sell without going through procedures set by congress