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Marbury v. Madison
Established judicial review
McCulloch v. Maryland
Established national supremacy
state unable to tax federal institution
Gibbons v. Ogden
Established a broad interpretation of the Commerce Clause
Schenck v. U.S
clear and present danger test;
Gitlow v. New York
Established precedent of federalizing Bill of Rights (applying them to the states
protected through due process clause of Amendment 14.
Mapp v. Ohio
Established exclusionary rule
illegally obtained evidence cannot be used in court;
Gideon v. Wainwright
Ordered states to provide lawyers for those unable to afford them in criminal proceedings.
Roe v. Wade
Established national abortion guidelines
Buckley v. Valeo
1st Amendment protects campaign spending;
U.C. Regents v. Bakke
declared strict quotas unconstitutional but states may allow race to be taken into account as ONE factor in admissions decisions
affirmative action
Texas v. Johnson
Struck down a law banning the burning of the American flag on the grounds that such action was symbolic speech protected by the 1st Amendment.
U.S. v. Lopez
Gun Free School Zones Act exceeded Congress� authority to regulate interstate commerce