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Amount of GDP spent on health care
Reasons for increased expenitures on health care
increased hospital costs, prescription drug costs, physician services, medical development
Health Maitenence Organizations
impose rules on physics and block people from getting care to save money
National Health Institute
Medicare A
provides hospitalization service given to anyone
Medicare B
is bought at a price and gives people extra coverage for tests etc.
NEPA 1969
requires government to file an Environmental Impact Statement to the public
Clean Air Act of 1970
gives the Department of Transporation specific responsibility for dealing w/ clean air and reducing automobile emissions
Water Pollution Act of 1972
estalished federal intervention in pollution control. Polluters must get a permits from the EPA and use pollution control technology before discharing waste products into water
Endangered Species Act of 1973
required the government to protect hundreds of species listed as endangered, no matter hat hte economic effect
fund created by Congress to deal w/ clean up of hazardous waste sites.
$ comes from taxing chemical products
International Monetary Fund
-regulates international finance
World Bank
loans money to poorer counties to help them out of poverty
North Atlantic Treaty Organizatoin
mutual defense organization
Warsaw Pact
was like a NATO for the Soviet Union
European Union
works w/ monetary trade, immigration, etc. between EU members
US Foreign policymakers
1. pres
2. secretary of state adn the 23,000 members of the state department
3. foreign service
Defenders of national security
1. Department of Defense
2. Secretary of Defense
3. NSC
covert operations
sercret operations that influence internally in other nations
coordinates gathering evidence in other nations
a relax of international tentions
Strategic Arms Limitation Treaty
US and Soviet Union agree to dispose of nukes to only what is necessary to deter a surprise attack
under Reagan
a global umbrella protection in spaces
General Agreement on Tariffs and Treaties
Purpose of GATT
created WTO
agreement to limit tariffs and move towards free trade
North Atlantic Free Trade Agreement
between canada and mexico
purpose of WTO
penalizes those that don't comply w/GATT