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activities of members of Congress that help constituents as individuals
those already holding office
Revenue bills
focus on methods for raising money; ex. taxes, user fees, customs duties, tariffs; originate in the House
impeachment process
how Conress can remove a federal official; House brings impeachment charges, Senate conducts trials
types of committees
standing: subject-matter, handle bills
joint: membership from both houses
conference: iron out differences in a bill
select: specific purpose
House Rules Committee
reivew most bills before going to the full House; schedules the bill, a lot of time for debate, specifies amendments
attractive aspects of being a Congressperson
franking privelege, salary of $145100, handsome travel allowances, power
17th amendment
direct election of senators (2 each state, 6 year terms)
16th amendment
1915, explicitly permitted Congress to levy an income tax
Congress influence on federal agencies
they make laws that govern what agencies can do
strategy used by senators to talk a bill to death (based on unlimited debate)
powers of Congress
declare war, create laws, lay and levy taxes
elastic clause
whatever is not in the Constitution can be petitioned by Congress
how many in Congress, House, Senate?
House and Senate committees for writing tax code?
House Ways and Means Committee; Senate Finance Committee
Texas Senators
Kay Bailey Hutchison, John Cornyn
reapportionment v. redistricting
-process of reallocating seats in the House of Reps. (national level)
-redrawing district lines (state level)
who prepares the budget? executive and congress?
Office of Management and Budget
which government program consumes the greatest % of the budget?
Social Security
entitlement programs
policies for which expenditures are uncontrollable because X amount of funds go to Y amount of people
pocket veto
president lets a bill die by neither signing nor vetoing it
Cloture motion
vote to close the Senate floor to further debate
Connecticut Compromise
compromise to have 2 houses of Congress (House by population, Senate is equal)
demographics of Congress
older white men (lawyers)
pork barrel
list of federal projects, grants, and contracts available to everyone in a congressional district
% of the budget that is uncontrollable
how a bill becomes a law
BILL introduced in both the House and Senate --> House Rules Committee and Senate subcommittees --> full House and Senate --> Conference committees --> full House and Senate --> president --> LAW.
franking privelege
free transportation and mailing privelege for Congressmen
are most bills passed?
Progressive income tax
the more you make, the higher rate of tax you are assessed
Presidential succession
25th amendment:
President --> VP --> Speaker of the House
role of incumbency
free advertising, credit claiming (enhancing their sanding through service to individuals and district), position taking, weak opponents