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The link between people and the government.
Political Parties
a group of people who old similar political goals and beliefs orgainze to win political elections in order to set policies and take over the machinary of government.
Political organization
political structure and leadership.
Party in electorate
citizens who identify with specific party.
Party in government
all elected and appointed political officials who have id themseleves with party.
critical election
election that established a political leadership
2 pary system
an electoral system with two dominat parties that compete in state or federal election.
duverger's law
a systme where the majority winner wins the seat 2nd and 3rd place get nothing.
single member district
an electrol district where there is only winner.
proportional representation
numbers of representive based on population
single pary issue
a party that only focus on one issue.
spin off party
created when two parties fuse together.
splinter party
when part of the party breaks and starts a new one.
economic protest parties
parties that are opposed to the major parties.
national coventions
conventions held every four years to nominate each party's candidate for the presidency.
national committe
delegates from each state and territory who manage pary affairs between national convenctions.
congressional campaign commitee
seperate committees in congress for each political party to help members who are running for reelection or would-be members running for an open seat or challenging a candidate from the oppostion party.
a government elected officials has the power elected people to fill positions.
solidary groups
a political party that has the same goal as another intrest group.
peronal following
a tupe of local party organization in which a candidate gets people to work for him/or her for a campaign and then the organization disbands until next election.
the goal and stnad of a particular party.
the first election in a campaign