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Outcomes of the Peace of Utrecht
Final decline of Spanish power; expanded the British empire; ended the French’s attempt for further expansion; promoted the principle of balance of power.
Who held political power in the Dutch Republic?
The Dutch system of government rested on assemblies of wealthy merchants in each of the seven provinces called “Estates.”
Cause of the War of Spanish Succession
Fear that Louis XIV would sit on both the French and Spanish thrones.
Causes of the decline of Spain in the 17th century
Destruction of the middle class who were affected by the glut of silver from Peru; participation in several wars; those leading the country were not optimistic about its’ future; and those who thought it was in poor taste to earn money entered the priesthood or became nuns-positions that didn’t help the Spanish economy.
Mercantilist Theory said
Government should intervene to secure the largest share of limited resources.
Edict of Nantes
1598.Hnery IV’s lawyers had drawn up the “Law of Concord”. It had been published as the Edict of Nantes to create a temporary and provisional situation of religious toleration in order to promoter temporary religious and civil concord between the Calvinist, Reformed, or Huguenot faith and Roman Catholicism.
Cause of the decline of the Dutch economy
Just like Spain, too many wars hurt the economy.
What happened to English society in the 16th and 17th centuries?
Rise in prominence and financial security of the Country gentry and members of the middle-class.
What symbolized the collapse of Spain as a great military power?
Spain lost her role as a great power when she had to give up a number of territories to France as a result of the Treaty of the Pyrenees
Restoration of Charles II to the throne in
The English monarchy was re-established when the oldest son of Charles I took the throne in the Restoration of 1660.