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What was the Brethren of The Common Life?
-Group of pious people
-Loved and aided those in need
What was The "Imitation of Christ"?
A book published by Thomas Kempis, it encouraged imitating the Christian Faith
Who was Martin Luther? What branch of faith did he begin? When?
-A middle class lawyer who was caught in a lightning storm. He prayed to God and said if he lives through the lightning storm that he'll become a monk. He survived
-He began Protestantism, specifically Lutheranism in his case
-On October 31st, 1517
What is an Indulgence?
A literal price for your sins, the church sent missionaries over Europe and convinced people to pay this Indulgence, used to get them out of debt.
What did Ulrich Zwingli do? What happened to him?
He introduced the reformation to Switzerland. He was captured during a battle and chopped up into tiny pieces so no Protestants could use his body as a relic.
What was another name for the Babylonian Captivity?
The Avignon Papacy ( Pope in France )