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Period of relaxation between the superpowers during Krushchev's rule in the Soviet Union.
First to reach the southern tip of Africa.
One of the authors of the Encyclopedia.
Five-man committee that ruled France as a republic after Robespierre's execution but before Napoleon's era.
Leader of the British Tory Party who engineered the Reform Bill of 1867.
French/Jewish army captain who was convicted of espionage.
Dual Monarchy
Common ministry for finance, foreign affairs and war between the Germans of Austria Bohemia and the Magyars of German.
russian national legislature
dutch east india company
government chartered joint stock company in 1602. controlled spice trades in east indies.
edict of nantes
1598. henry IV grants huguenots religious toleration of their protestantism.
Emancipation Edict
1861. imperial law, abolishes serfdom in Russia & freed the peasants.
Enabling Act
part of Weimar constitution. Enabled hitler to issue decrees carrying the force of law
collaborated w. marx. Was a textile factory owner & supplied marx with data for his economic writing.
estates general
french national assembly summoned in 1789 to fix financial crisis and correct abuses of ancient regime.
EEC/Common Market
(France, German Federal Republic, Italy & Belgium, Netherlands, Luxemburg). Would eliminate all customs barriers between countries. Set up a common tariff policy on imports. Remove all restrictions on the movement of workers & capital.