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A sworn association of free men in a city was called:
a commune
One of the first "Renaissance men" was
Francesco Petrarch
The "new learning" of the Renaissance was called:
A major difference between northern and Italian humanism is that northern humanism stressed
social reform based on Christian ideals
The court of Star Chamber in England was used to
Check aristocratic power
The superiority of the French monarch over the church was the object of the
Pragmatic Sanction of Bourges
Who was the first great artist of the Renaissance?
Who was Dante?
A humanist poet
Who was Laura Cereta
a well-educated renaissance humanist
Which of the following statements about Florence at the time of the Renaissance is false:

A. Its major industry was wool production.
B. It lost probably half its population to the Black Death.
C. Itas a major banking center.
D. It was an important Mediterranean port city.
D. It was an important Mediterranean port city
Erasmus advocated
christian education for marl intellectual improvment
The Renaissance artist of talent and ability often lived a life of:
of luxury, but without social status
The title of Thomas More's classic work, Utopia, means:
The best description of Machiavelli's The Prince is that it is
a description of how government should be organized and implemented.
Artemesia Gentileschi was:
a brilliant women painter
The Medici family gained their fame as
Florentine Bankers
The "father of humanism" was
Artists in the Reniassance:
Experimented with new styles
An important feature of the Renaissance was an emphasis on
The literature of Greece and Rome
In his book "Praise of Folly," Erasmus
used satire to attack the evils of society
Which of the following was a major source of study for Renaissance humanists?
original classical manuscripts
The term "da Vinci of today" would best describe a person who seems to be
A genius in many fields
For ordinary women, the Renaissance had very little impact T/F
Thomas More's Utopia placed the blame for society's problems on
Society itself
The dominant trend of government in Renaissance city-states in Italy was from?:
republicanism to despotism
The favorite classical author of Renaissance scholars was?:
The literary masterpiece that satirized the ideals of knighthood and chivalry was written by?:
Civic humanists?
advocated active service to the city-state
Mannerist art was characterized by
distorted human figures and unnatural lighting effects.
According to Jacob Burckhardt, the Renaissance represented?
a distinct break from the Middle Ages.
Pico della Mirandola's Oration on the Dignity of Man stated that
God gave humans free will so that they could choose to be earthly or spiritual creatures.
More's "Utopia" ..
presented a revolutionary social order based on communal living and property
"The Prince" argued that:
the prince's highest obligation was the preservation of his state
Lorenzo Valla gained fame for:
proving the Donation of Constantine a fraud