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In what year did Queen Isabella, her lover Mortimer, and a group of barons depose and murder Isabella's husband King Edward II?
January 1327
Who was named King after the murder of Edward II?
His fifteen year old son, King Edward III.
In what year did Charles IV, the last surviving son of the French King Philip th Fair, die childless, with whom the Capetian dynasty ended?
Which Germanic code forbade females or those descended in the female line to succeed to offices?
The Salic Law
To whom did the barons give the French crown after the death of Charles IV.
Philip VI of Valois (r. 1328 -1350), a nephew of Philip the Fair
Between what years was the Hundred Years' War fought?
1337 - 1453
In what year did France and England sign the Treaty of Paris?
In what year did Phillip confiscate the duchy?
What was one reason that the War lasted so long?
It became a French civil war, with French barons supporting English monarchs in order to thwart the centralizing goals of the French crown.