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Q.1, 1: Characteristsics of Treaty of Westphalia
What is date of treaty?
300 german states, Germany far from uniting. New choice for German Princes: Calvinism
Calvinism and Lutheranism made free to practice
DATE: 1648
Q. 1, 2: Characteristics of Peace of Augsburg.
What is the date of Aug?
Gave German princes right to choose between lutheranism and Calvinism. Earlier than the treaty of westphalia
DATE: 1555
Q. 7, 3: Give 3 truths about Skepticism.
1. Not absolute in certainty
2. Open minded
3. Unsure
Q. 1, 4: Basic German status in question 7
Netherlands independent
Political Divisions, Germany weakened.
France gains land, Alsace
Treaties allowed france to intervine with German affairs, Sweden gains jurisdiction and power over germany.
Q. 5, 1: Give 5 different total responses:
1 thing about how witchcraft affected the attitude towards women, and
4 things about other factors
1, witchcraft: Many people used witchcraft as a scapegoat to blame unexplainable misfortunes on. Women seen as more voulnerable sex, therefore, the witch fell to women.

1. Single women took on a variety of jobs.
2. Married women were to take on responsibility for the household, and help the husbands with their buisiness.
3. Women were to be faithful
4. Males dominant in making family decisions.
Q. 9, 1: What were the major reasons for European expansion in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries?
Not motivated by popualation.
New, brave explorers
Desire to spread christianity
convert muslims, muslims entrenched all around the world
Focus became africa and america
Q. 10, 1: Discuss three accomplishments of Queen Elizabeth. What rRenaissance ideas did she epitomize?
3. Ren ideas
She was an intellectual
Invented the verginal instrument
read many things

3. Accomplishments
Kept peace despite monarchy
Got rid of mary
Defeated Spain
Won the nation over.
Wasnt married to anyone, married to England.
Q. 8, 1: What were the major literary masterpieces of this age? In what ways can Shakespeare be regarded as a true Renaissance Man? Give 5 examples of shakespeare being true ren man.
Reasons why Shak was ren man:
1. Wrote about every type of character
2. Histories first psychologist in literature
3. Emobodied the spirit of the renaissance
4. First playwrite to do women justice-- intellegence
5. Themes were things that everyone could relate to.
6. Solid real characters.

MASTERPICE: Macbeth. Marlowe's Tamburlaine-paved way for shakespeare
Faerie Queene- moral epic- Edmund Spencer's
Q. 6, 1: What were the origins of North American racism? Which came first, Racism then slavery, or Slavery then racism? Did Slavery make it easier to hate, or did hate make it easier to enslave?
Origins: A shortage of workers encouraged italian merchants to buy black slaves. Conquered countries usually provided slaves, in this case it was africa.
Christian theological epculation Slave traders depicted blacks as monstrous things. RACISM CAME FIRST
Q. 6, 2: Examples why blacks were considdered
1. Barbarians
2. Hethens
3. Savages
1. Barbarians because: way they dressed
2. Hethens because: Not christian
3. Savatges because: Clothing, eating habits.
Q 2, 1: How did the aims of Elizabeth I and Henry IV resaolve the religious conflicts in their respective countries?
ELIZABETH: made it manditory to attend church, but announced that the sole beliefs of a person was up to them. In this way she supported the catholic church, yet promoted protestantism.
HENRY IV: famous quote "Paris is worth a mass" Henry IV believed that the rulership of france was worth conforming himself and france to catholicism.
Q. 3, 1: Describe the Protestant revolt in the Netherlands. Why did England become involved? What was the result the revolt?
Causes of revolt: Calvinists wanted freedom to practice and not be told what to do.
Endland helps netherlands protestants. England involved because if they did not, spain would invade england.