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Francis I
(reigned 1515-1547)
French king
Henry II
(reigned 1547-1559)
French King
Francis II
(r. 1559-1560)
French King
Charles IX
(r. 1560-1574)
French King
Henry III
(r. 1574-1589)
French King
Henry IV or Henry of Navarre
(r. 1589-1610)
French King (beginning of Bourbon Dynasty)
rulars who put religious zeal aside for the sake of political end- enkeeping with the ideals of Machiavelli (one should appear to have these characteristics....)
Besancon Hughes
Leader of Geneva's political revolt against the house of Savoy in the 1520's, this was a prelude to the citie's calvinist reformation. He was a swiss reformer.
French Protestants- get their name from B. Hughes - something along the lines of Calvinism
Catherine de Medicis
helps her next three sons rule as their regents after the death of her husband the French King Henry II- outlived all three sons and was Catholic, Italian, and a politique- plans the St. Bartholemew's Day Massacre
dynasty under which France was rules until Henry of Navarre, a Bourbon, comes to power in 1589
very catholic, come from Northeast, militant, Mary Queen of Scots was a guise- had little difficulty gaining comtrol of young King Fancis II
huguenot protestant family, largely political,from southwest france, at odds with guise family, eventually come to power via Henry of Navarre
Montmorency- Chantillons
third family competing for control of Francis II, central, also protestant
Gaspard de Coligny
strong military stratagist who gained control of the French Pretestant effort after the death of Conde, - became Charles IX most trusted advisor- Cahterine became conviced that he was planning a huguenot attack on the crown and proceeded to attempt to assassinate him- upon failure planed At. Bartholemews Day Massacre in which he was killed