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Who wrote last of the Mohicans
What were the names of all of coopers stories?
Leather Stocking Tales
What Stories were in the Leather Stocking Tales?
Last of the Mohecans, The Pioneers, The Deerslayer, Little House on the Prarie, The Trapped
Where were the Transcendentalists Located
New England
What is Transcedentalistm?
a philosophy with elements of a religion
Who were the 3 main people in Transcendentalism?
Emmerson, Thoureau, Fuller
where"poetry readings" were held
What were some of the Transcendental Clubs?
Bread and Cheese
what was the name of the most famous Transcendental Newspapers?
"The Dial" which was edited by Margaret Fuller
what were some of the Utopian Societies?
Brooke Farm which was in Massachusetts that lasted for 7 years.
What is a utopian society?
a :perfect" society
what is Oneida
What is The Resistance to Civil Government?
A non-violent protest which was written by Thoreau
what were the differences between Emmerson and Theoeau
Emmerson- nature
Theareoa- Practices what Emmerson Teaches
(remember that Theoroe was emmersons "protejeu"
Who were the CHaracters of "The House of the Fallen Usher?"
The User, Madeline, the Narrator and The Physician
What was the narrator usually written in?
First Person
What did the House Represent?
A Face
Who represented teh Darker side of Romanticism?
Poe, Hawthorn and Melville
who were the Romantic riters?
Bryant, Cooper and Nicherbacher
who was a Transcendentalist?
Describe Hawthorne
Haunted by ancestors

overidden in guilt

obsessed with flaus (IE: human sin)
When was Moby Dick Published?
What was another name of The book, "Moby Dick"
"the Whale"
Who was Melville
A sailor that wrote "Moby Dick"
Who was Melville heavily influnced by?
Shakespheare and his sililoques
5 "i's of Romanticism"
Inspiration from nature
Inner Experience