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What are the three entities that make up Great Britain?
England, Scotland, Wales
What are the four entities that make up the United Kingdom?
England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland
What year was Wales unified under the crown? Ireland? Scotland?
Wales: 1535
Ireland: 1542
Scotland: 1603
What is Noblesse Oblige?
It is the responsibility of the governing class to look out for all.
What is special about Britain's Constitution?
It isn't really a Constitution at all. There is no official constitution written down, but rather is made up of customs, judicial pronouncements, acts of Parliament, and historical precedent.
Name a few of the roles of the monarchy.
1. Must give royal assent to all legislation passed by both houses of Parliament.
2. Opens and dissolves Parliament.
3. Formally makes treaties with foreign states.
4. Constitutionally bound to take the advice of the PM.
5. Advised by Parliament once a week on current affairs.
How is the PM selected?
Officially, by the Queen. However, PM is really chosen because he/she is the leader of the majority party in Parliament.
Can the PM choose his/her cabinet?
Yes. Has quite a bit of leeway.
What does the HoC do?
Pass legislation, scrutinize government, approve all legislation and treaties, override HoL legislative decisions
What does the HoL do?
Process and revise legislation, Act as check on government, provide forum of independent expertise, act as final Court of Appeal
How many MPs are there?
How often are elections?
Once every 5 years, or if there is a vote of censure or the PM calls for new elections.
How are MPs elected?
First past the post method.
Name some checks on power in GB.
Motions of Censure, Back-benchers, opposition days (20 days/year)
How long, on average, do members of Parliament last (since 1945)?
3 years, 7 months
What are the four basic steps in a Parliamentary election?
1. Parliament dissolves.
2. Gen. election is held.
3. Swear in members/election of speaker.
4. Open Parliament.
How many MPs can fit in the chamber at one time?
How many remaining hereditary peers are there?
How many peers are there currently?