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Name the 2 types of Cell division?
Mitosis and Meiosis
Meiosis occurs only in sex cells and Mitosis splits the mother cell into identical daughter cells.
This in bodily growth/repair in cell division? When the cell divides into two identical daughter cells?
Name the 4 phases of Mitosis?
Prophase, metamphase, anaphase and telophase
During Mitosis a single cell divides many times into identical cells,during their development,cells start to specialize or ?
One cell will have enzymes produce red blood cells,other cell's enzymes are used to produce bone cells.
The process when cell growth becomes uncontrolled and disorganized, too many cells are produced?
Lump or Tumor
Tumor means swelling
When tumors are non-cancer?
When Tumors are cancerous?
The spreading of cancer cells means this?
DNA is damaged as the person?
The person ages!
Cell differentiation refers to?
Cellular Specialization