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When the body is standing erect,face forward,arms on the side and the toes & palms forward?
Anatomical Position
When a part is above another part or is closer to the head?
The head is superior to the chest meaning the head is located above the chest!
When a part is located below another part or is closer to the feet?
The chest is inferior to the head because the chest is located below the head!
Means toward the front surface of the body?
The belly area/surface & the heart is Anterior to the spinal cord! Means ventral also.
Means toward the back surface of the body?
The heart is posterior to the breast bone and another word for dorsal!
Towards the middle of body & Midline point of body dividing it into left & right halves?
The nose is medial to the ears because it is located in the middle!
Means away from the midline Of the body?
Ears are lateral to the nose!
Means structure/body part is near the trunk (main part) of the body or is closer to the point of attachment?
Elbow is proximal to the wrist because the elbow os closer to the trunk than the wrist!
Mean the body part is further away from the trunk or point of attachment?
Wrist is distal to the elbow and the fingers are distal to the wrist!
Body part located near/on the surface of the body?
Skin is located close/near to the muscles!
Body part is away from the surface of the body?
The bones are far/deep from the skin
Body part is located in the center?
Heart is located in the center!
Means body part is away from the center?
Blood vessels are located away from the center and extend toward the limbs!
Name the 3 Plane/Sections of the body?
1. Sagittal Plane
2. Frontal Plane
3. Transverse Plane
Sections of the body!
Describe the Sagittal, Frontal and Transverse Planes?
Sagittal: left & right
Frontal: front & back
Transverse: upper & lower
Plane & Sections of the body!
Another word used for Organs & located within the cavities of the body?
Cavities are large internal spaces!
Two major cavities in the body are?
Dorsal & Ventral Cavities
One cavity located in the back & the other located in the front of the body
This cavity is located towards the back and haves a division of a cranial & spinal cavity?
Dorsal Cavity
This cavity is located within the skull and contains the brain?
Cranial Cavity
This cavity is extended down from the cranial & contains the spinal cord?
Spinal Cavity
This cavity is larger than the Dorsal Cavity and located in the front and divided into the Thoracic and Abdominopelvic cavities?
Ventral Cavity
This cavity is located above the diaphragm & the lungs occupy most of the space in this cavity?
Thoracic Cavity
A space that contains the heart, esophagus, trachea, thymus gland and large blood vessels attached to the heart?
This cavity is inferior (below) to the to the diaphragm?
Abdominepelvic Cavity
The upper portion of this cavity is called the abdominal cavity!
This is the upper portion of abdominepelvic cavity that contains the stomach, intestine, liver, gallbladder, pancreas,spleen and the kidneys?
Abdominal Cavity
Lower portion of the abdominepelvic cavity and contains rectum, urinary bladder and internal part of reproductive
Pelvic Cavity
Extends downward from the level of the hips!
The abdominepelvic is subddivided into smalle areas called the 4 _________?
Name the positions of the 4 Quadrants?
1. Right upper Quad
2. Left upper Quad
3. Right lower Quad
4. Left lower Quad
Ex: Liver is located in the right upper Quadrant!