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vary the value of something, get dark and light value  Model Form. 3-D Painting on 2-D surface.
A series of bands in a pictoral narrative; narrative bands where the images are stacked in strips (like reading the images)
Form that’s used over and over again.
Stone Age, Before 7,000 B.C
“Middle” prehistoric Period
“New Stone Age” Approx 3,000 B.C
Post and Lintel System
A system of construction in which 2 posts support a lintel
Twisted Perspective
Part of a figure is seen in profile and another part of the same figure frontally.
Sculpture in the Round
freestanding figures carved or modeled in 3 dimensions.
First writing
Contour Line
Must distinguished line of a figure, usually along the backbone
Painting on Plaster (wet or dry)
Mortise and Tenon Join
A piece of wood that is inserted into a corresponding hole (mortise) in Another piece of wood to form a joint.
Cardinal Points
North, South, East, West
System of writing used in ancient Mesopotamia – Wedge Shaped
A form that is repeated over and over again
Decorative markings made with scars on the human body
Bent Axis
Round ramp that spirals up
Axis Mundi
World Pole
Graphic technique in which the design is incised, so that the impression made is a relief. Gems and stuff
Lost Wax Method (Cire Perdue)
Lost Wax Method – (Cire Perdue) – A bronze casting method in which a figure is modeled in wax and covered with Clay, the whole is fired melting away the wax and hardening the clay, which then becomes a mold for molten metal.
when human form is flanked by mirror image of an animal.
Composite Figures
Twisted Perspective
Body Politic
Figures of Political leaders carved in such a way to exemplify their physical characteristics
Barrel Vault
Masonry roof or ceiling constructed on the arch principle.