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Who was the Italian member of a Portuguese expedition to South America whose widely reprinted report suggested a new world had been found?
Amerigo Vespucci
Why did Ferdinant and Isabella sought formal confirmation of their ownership of the new lands?
Because they were excited by the gold Columbus had brought back from America
Who were Ferdinand and Isabella?
joing monarchs of Spain
What did Ferdinand and Isabella fear?
the interference of Spain
What country was a powerful seafarig nation that had been active in overseas exploration?
What did the pope do in 1493 at Spain's urging?
drew the "Line of Demarcation"
What was the "line of Demarcation"?
one hundred leagues west of the Cape Verde Islands, dividing the heathen world into two equal parts-that east of the line for Portugal...and west of the line for Spain
Why did Spain and Portugal work out the Treaty of Tordesillas?
because the "line of demarcation" was tended to be unduly favorable to Spain and Portugal had the stronger navy
What did the Treaty of Torsesillas do? (1494)
move the line farther west
What was a result of the Treat of Torsesillas?
Brazil became a Portuguese colony & Spain maintained claims to the rest of the Americas
How did Spanish monarchs conquer the Americas?
with their powerful army led by conquistadores
what were conquistadores
independent Spanish adventurers
Where did the conquistadores confine their attention to first?
Caribbean Islands
What did the conquistadores carry with them from the Caribbean Islands?
European diseases
What did the European diseases that the conquistadores carry do to the local Indian populations
devasted them because they had no immunities against the diseases
When did the conquistadores turn their attention to the American mainland?
after about 1510
What did Vasco Nunez do in 1513
crossed the isthmus of Panama and became the first european to see the pacific ocean
What did Juan Ponce de Leon do in 1513
explored Florida in search of gold and a fabled mountain of youth
Juan Ponce didn't find gold or a mountain of youth, but he
claimed Florida for Spain
Who led his dramatic expedition against the Aztecs of Mexico in 1519
Hernando Cortes
Cortes destroyed the Aztec empire and won enormous riches aided by
the fact that the Indians at first mistook him for a god, as well as by firearms, armor, horses, and (unbeknown to him) smallpox germs
Other fortune seekers had conquered most of South America by
the 1550s
In North America the Spaniards sought in
vain for riches
in 1528, Panfilio de Narvaez led a
disastrous expedition through the Gulf Coast region from which only four of the original four hundred men returne
who was one of the survivors of Narvaez's expedition who brought with him a story of seven great cities full of gold somewhere to the north
Cabeza de Vaca
what were the seven great cities full of gold called
"Seven Cities of Cibola"
what happened in response to the "seven cities of cibola"
two Spanish expeditions explored the interior of North America
who led a six hundred-man expedition through what is now the southeastern United States, penetrating as far west as Oklahoma and discovering the Mississippi River, where he was buried
Hernando de Soto
who led an expedition from Mexico, north across the Rio Grande and through New Mexico, Arizona, Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas
Francisco de Vasques de Coronado
who were the first Europeans to see the Grand Canyon
Some of Coronado's men