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the membranes of the body all contain which particular cell type
Epithelial membrane
where are the SEROUS membranes found
lines open body cavitys that are closed to the exterior..Ex: around the lungs,heart
where are the MUCUS membranes found
Lines all body cavitys that are open to the exterior body surface
Where are the SYNOVIAL membranes found
sourrounds Fibrous capsule surrounding the JOINTS
Where are the CATANEOUS membranes found
outtermost protective boundry
common name for cutaneous membrane
Qualities of the skin
dry,outermost protective boundry,superficial epidermis, underlying dermis
Serous membrane that surrounds the heart
Serous membrane that surrounds the lungs
Serous membrane that surrounds the abdominal organs
qualities of the STRATUM CORNUEM
continually shed and replace
what occurs within the stratum basalae
stem cells renew themselves through cell division
serves as fat storage, blood vessel pasage and nerve endings...::<Contains fat tissue>
2 main layers of Skin
DErmis:: Middle Layer, Epidermis::Outer layer
Pigments that color our skin
Funtion of Merkel cells
Causes Goose Bumps
smmoth muscles when contracted
sebaceous glands are found attached to
Hair follicles
Role of sebaceous Glands
Secretes sebum for softness & pliabilty...Helps waterproof & inhabit cell growth
WHat do sebaceous glands secrete
When Do they become activates
WHen Sebaceous gland gets enlarged
2 types of sudoriferous glands
Eccrine(sweat), Apocrine(scent)
Eccrine glands aka
Sweat glands
role of eccrine gland
Regulate Body Temp, eliminate waste such as Urea
Most eccrine glands are found
Palms of hands..soles of feet
Apocrine glands are found____...and secrete____
axilla,pubis,areolae(around nipple,armit)....Scent
What causes acne
Increased Production of sebaceous
1st degree burn
no skin comes off, no blisters, top layer not damages
2nd degree burn
top layer destroyed, top layer might fall off, 2nd layer exposed
3rd degree Burn
top layer slide off, 2nd layer destroyed, 2nd layer is white_gray_black_yellow_dry
risk factors for skin cancers
exposure to uv,light skin
Early warning signs of Malignant Melanomas(abcd's)
Moles that are asymmetric,that have irregular Borders, that have variability or recent change in Color,that are greater than 6mm in Diameter
Matrix in both hair and nails
gives rise to new hair/nails
Earwax AKA
Outer most layer of hair shaft
The cuticle
most common skin cancer, grows slowly,rarly spreads
Basal cell carcinoma
skin cancer: spreads slowly,spreads to vital organs inside body
Squamous cell carcinoma
skin cancer: spreads quickly from skin through the lymph nodes or blood, to internal organs
Malignant Melanoma
increases surface area which contain capillaries
Papillary layers of the dermis
provide strenght and elasticity
Reticular layers of the dermis