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A plane or section that divides the body or body part into right and left sides would be a(n)
Sagittal plane
In an anatomical lever system, the lever is the
The sum or all chemical reactions that occur in the body is known as:
Intracellular fluid is the fluid:
inside cells
A structure that holds bones together but permits movement is called a/an
The term brachial refers to the:
The body system the transports nutrients and oxygen in blood and carriers wastes away from cells is the:
cardiovascular system
what level of organization is MOST complex?
what term means "the opposite side of the body"?
The brain is found in the?
cranial cavity
The study of how body systems FUNCTION is:
The study of structure of the body is:
the coxal region refers to the:
The system of the body that helps maintain homeostasis by secreting hormones is:
Endocrine system
The breakdown of large, complex molecules into smaller, simpler molecules is known as?
In an antomical lever system, the resistance is the?
weight of the body part being moved
In a thrid class system, the arrangement of the system's components is such that the:
effort is between the fulcrum and resistance
The relationship between the diaphragm and the heart is best described by:
diaphragm is inferior to the heart
Two or more tissues combine to form a structure with a specific size and shape is called a:
A plane or section that divides the superior portion of a body part from its inferior portion would be a:
Transverse section
If homeostasis cannot be maintained
Disease is often the result
The insertion point of a skeletal muscle is the:
connection to the bone that is most mobile while the muscle contracts
The mediastinum is found in the:
thoracic cavity
Several related organs that have a common function is known as a:
the diaphysis of a long bone is the?
shaft of a long bone
In a anatomical lever system, the fulcrum is the?
Homeostasis means
maintaining an optimum internal environment
The level of organization from least complex to Most complex is?
chemical, cellular, tissue, organ, system, organism
The organs found in the thoracic cavity are the
Making a circle with your arm in the air best describes what motion?
The type of feedback loop that helps maintain homeostasis is?
What is a base?
it has a pH of greater than 7
which body fluid is the source of most of the others?
The brachial plexual innervates which region of the body
Upper extrmity
The concept of ph refers to?
the acidity/alkalinity of a solution
An acid is?
a pH lowere than 7
The artery that feeds the thigh is the?
femoral artery
Blood flows into the common iliac arteries from the?
abdominal aorta
The carotoid artery feeds what organ?
Which blood vessel has valves?
The main nerve in the sacral plexus is the?
sciatic nerve
The biggest difference between active transport and passive transport is?
active transport requires energy
At which end of the capillary bed does filtration(material leaves the capillary) occur
the arterial end
Blood is returned to the heart by what type of vessels?
Blood in the heart next goes to the?
What blood vessel has the most smooth muscle in its walls
Excess fluid in the eye chamber is?
What blood vessel has the thinnest wall
The phrenic nerve that stimulates the diapharagm to contract arises from the?
Cervical plexus
Cells pump sodium ions out into interstitial fluid (where a higher concentration of sodium ions already exists) by.
active transport
The leakage from the capillaries that is not reabsorbed at the capillary is returned to the blood stream by becoming?
lymphatic fluid
The branch off of the abdominal aorta that ultimately supplies blood to the kidneys?
renal artery
The scale used to measure pH ranges from ___ to ___
Approximately how much of the fluid that leaks into the interstitial space at the capillaries is reabsorbed by the capillaries
A fluid that is less concentrated (dilute) when compared to another is?
The passive process ______ requires carrier molecules in the cell membrane
facilitated diffusion
What is the purpose of valves in blood vessels
prevent the backflow of blood
The plexus that gives rise to the femoral and obturator nerves is the
lumbar plexus
If two solutions are of equal strength they are said to be?
which blood vessel has blood with the highest pressure?
what capillary is found in bone marrow, and has pores large enough to let proteins and blood cells fit through?
The two nerves that make up the sciatic nerve are the?
tibial and common peroneal
solid particles are brought into a vescicle inside the cell in?
When a solution is more concentrated that another solution it is said to be?
What percentage of fluid that is filtered from the arterial end of the capillary is reabsorbed by the lymphatic vessels?
The term selective permeability refers to which of the following
regulation of the passage of molecules through a membrane