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What is the minimal amount of oxygen required by the tissues per 100mL blood
5 mL
Amount of oxygen dissolved in the plasma of arterial blood during resting conditions
solubility coefficient of O2 in blood
Amount of oxygen dissolved in the plasma of mixed venous blood during resting conditions
0.12 mL/100 mL
Only state of iron that O2 will bind to in HgB
What state is iron in methemoglobin
How much oxygen can 1 gram of Hgb bind to
1.34 mL
What is the normal oxygen carrying capacity of the Hgb
20 mL
What are five factors that shift Hgb dissociation curve to the right
increase in CO2 tension
increase in H+ ion conc.
increase in temp.
increase in 2,3 DPG
SIckle cell anemia
What are seven factors that cause the oxygen dissociation curve to shift to the left
decrease in CO2
Decrease in H+ ions
decresae in temperature
decrease in 2,3 DPG
Increase in Fetal Hgb, methgb, carboxyhgb
What are the factors that will influence the Bohr effect
increased CO2
increased H+
decresaed pH
How does the Bohr effect influence oxygen at the level of the lungs
decreased CO2= increased affinity for O2

shifts curve to the left
How does the Bohr effect influence oxygen at the level of the tissues
increased CO2= decreased affinity for O2

shifts curve to the right
Normal P50
What does a P50 of greater than 27 torr tell us
shift to the right
What does a P50 of less than 26 torr tell us
shift to the left
How does administration of FIO2 benefit oxygen exchange (2)
Increases the amount of O2 in plasma
Increases the initial conc. gradient
How many atoms of oxygen does Hgb bind? How many molecules
8. 4
How do you determine the oxygen saturation of Hgb
Amt. O2 combined with Hgb/ O2 carrying capacity of Hgb
SaO2 of 70 = pO2 of ?
SaO2 of 80 = pO2 of ?
SaO2 of 90 = pO2 of ?
SaO2 of 92.5 = pO2 of ?
SaO2 of 95 = pO2 of ?
SaO2 of 97 = pO2 of ?
SaO2 of 98 = pO2 of ?
Shifting of the oxyhgb dissociation curve will have the greatest effect on what portion of the curve
steep portion

Impacts O2 delivery to the tissues
In what two ways does CO interfere with Hgb's transport of O2
Binds O2 binding sites on Hgb
(decreases O2 carrying capacity)
Increases O2 affinity on Hgb
How do you increase oxygen diffusion to the myocardium
increase coronary perfusion because utilization coefficient is already 75%
What will happen to the utilization coefficient during exercise
it will increase
What changes the relationship between the oxygen partial pressure and the percent saturation
nothing, doesn't change
What is the main problem with having a low SaO2
if SaO2 is low then pO2 is even lower;
low conc gradient= poor oxygen diffusion to the tissues
What is the physiologic importance to having a relatively flat upper portion of the oxyhemoglobin dissociation curve
Hgb can load oxygen even when oxygen partial pressures are significantly lowered
What increases 2,3 DPG
What will blood gases look like for someone with CO poisoning
Normal pO2
decreased oxygen carrying capacity because decreased binding sites increased affinity
Amount of oxygen combined with Hgb at varying percents saturation
volumes percent
Oxygen content of blood
O2 dissolved in plasma +
O2 attached to Hgb