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Frontalis- A
raises eyebrows
Orbicularis oculi- A
blinking or squinting
zygomaticus- A
raises lateral corners of mouth upward
levator labii superioris- A
raises upper lip
depressor labii inferioris- A
draws lower lip down
orbicularis oris- A
closes or protrudes lips
masseter- A
elevates mandible
masseter- O
zygomatic arch or maxilla
masseter- I
angle or ramus of mandible
temporalis- A
elevates and retracts mandible
temporalis- O
temporal fossa
temporalis- I
coronoid process of mandible
medial pterygoid- A
elevates and protrudes mandible
medial pterygoid- O
pterygoid process of the sphenoid bone
medial pterygoid- I
medial surface of mandible near angle