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Arming Time
The amount of time or vane revolutions needed for the firing train to be aligned after a bomb is released
The action that causes a fuze to detonate before impact when any substantial object is detected at a predetermined distance from the fuze
Functioning Time
The time for a fuze to detonate after impact or a preset time
What functioning time is longer than 0.0005 seconds?
What functioning time is 0.0003 seconds or less?
The functioning delay of an electrical fuze is initiated by what means?
What functioning time is set between 0.0003 and 0.0005?
A fuze that does not hvae the elements of its firing train in the proper position for firing until the fuze is fully armed is known as what type of fuze?
What is SAT?
What are the two general classes of fuzes?
Mechanical and Electrical
What component keeps the bomb in a safe condition if accidentally dropped?
Delay arming
The two observation windows of an M904 series fuze are used for what purpose?
To determine the safe/armed condition
What is the release speed range for arming an M904 fuze?
170 to 525 knots
Electrical fuzes are charged after what situation occurs?
The bomb has been released from the rack or shackle
In what references can you find information about Fuzes?
11-1F-2 and 11-5A-17
At impact, what component drives the striker body and firing pin down into the M9 delay element of an M904 fuze?
The forward part of the fuze body
What configuration is the M904 fuze used with?
The nose of Mk 80 LDGP bombs
What are the arming delay times and increments for the M904?
2 to 18 seconds in 2 second increments
What fuze is used with Mk 80 series general purpose bombs?
To set the 2 and 4 second arming delay time in the M904 you should?
Remove the stop screw
Never reinstall the stop screw on an M904 when
The arming delay is set at 2 and 4 seconds
Name the three conditons of the M904 fuze
Safe, partially armed, and fully armed
What is the visible indication of a partially armed M904?
Green background with no numbers visible
At what point is the firing train in an M904 fuze fully aligned?
When the preselected arming delay period elapses
The Mk 339 Mod 1 is used in what types of ordnance?
Dispenser weapons
What is the factory preset and optional functioning time of a Mk 339?
1.2 and 4.0 seconds
What is the indication of an armed Mk 339?
green foil pierced by an indicator pin
What adapter boosters does the Navy currently use?
M148/T45E, M148E1, and M150/T46
An M148E1 is used with what type of bomb?
Thermally protected
What is the Mk 376 electric fuze used with?
Mk 80 series bombs
What automatically selects the arming delay times of a Mk 376 fuze?
The decelerometer
What kind of tail fuze does a GBU-24B/B utilize?
If deceleration is not sensed by a Mk 31 safety device within 2.6 seconds, the fuze will arm in what maximum number of seconds?
10 seconds
Describe the capabilities of a Mk 43 Mod 0
Provides airburst capabilities for a bomb in both the unretarded and retarded delivery mode.
What is the alternate method for intiating a Mk 43 TDD
What device prevents Electromagnetiic radiation from entering the fuze circuits of a Mk 80 seriesbomb?
A Mk 122 arming safety switch
What is the percent of explosive in a LDGP bomb?
An FMU-140/B proximity fuze will function at what minimum altitude?
300+/- 25 ft
What prevents damage to the internal threads and moisture from entering the fuze well?
a plastic plug installed in the nose and tail fuze wells
what factor determines the number of bombs that are loaded on each metal pallet?
the size of the bombs
How many Mk 83 bombs can be placed on a metal pallet?
When electric fuzing is used, a path for the charging current from the fuze-charging receptcacle to the forward and aft fuze wells is provided by what mechanisms
The electric fuze wire harness
How many yellow bands are on a thermally protected general-purpose bomb?
Two around the nose
Arming wire assemblies are used for what purpose?
To maintain ordnance components in a safe condition until the actual release of a weapon from an aircraft
Safety clips prevent what from happening?
the premature or accidentalwithdrawal of an arming wire from a component
what mode of assembly is a conical fin assembly used with?
what is the basic difference between the types of conical fins?
physical size
How are conical fins attached to the tail of a bomb?
set screws
A MAU-91 fin is attached to a Mk 83 series bomb by
using an ADU-320/B fin adapter
Nau-91 snakeye fin assemblies are used on which of the following LDGP bombs?
Mk 83
What provides the pilot with in-flight selection capability?
The tail arming solenoid
which LDGP bombs can be used as laser guided?
Mk 82,83, and 84
The CCG of a laser guidance kit is used for
detecting laser illuminated targets and to provide an attachment point for the guidance fins
A GBU-24B/B can penetrate how many feet of reinforced concrete?
4 to 6 feet
The total amount of thermal coating missing from a GBU-24B/B must not exceed...
40 sq in
DST's are identified by what color stripes?
what kit is used to configure an LDGP bomb to a DST?
Mk 75
what is required with a Mk 42 firing mechanism?
a battery
A Mk 20 bomb cluster is designed for use against
armored vehicles
how many bomblets are in a Mk 20 bomb cluster?
what fuze is used with the Mk 20 cluster bomb?
Mk 339 Mod 1
what secures the spring loaded fins on a Mk 7 bomb dispenser?
a fin release band assembly
how many BLU-91 mines are contained in a CBU-78 Gator?
a Mk 339 Mod 1 fuze is used with what mod of a Mk 7 bomb dispenser?
Mod 3
What Mod of a Mk 7 dispenser thermally protected?
Mod 6
What bomb spotting charge should be used to provide a visual indication of target impact?
Mk 89 Mod 0