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-conditioned response to a neutral stimuli
-happens via classical conditioning
What NTs are associated with anxiety?
how do we treat an anxiety disorder that is due to a medical condition?
-treat the medical condition
-behavior modification techniques
-serotonergic ADs
panic attack
-abrupt onset, symptoms peak within 10 minutes
panic attack symptoms
-fear of dying
-chest pain
Panic disorder
-unexplained panic attacks
-more than one month of reccurrence
what drugs are used to treat panic disorders?
-an irrational fear resulting in concious avoidance of the feared object or situation
-elicits severe distress
-may be a genetic component
how do we treat a phobia?
-exposure therapy in controlled settings
-reexperiencing the stressor via dreams/thoughts
-duration is longer than one month
what can predispose someone to PTSD?
-childhood trauma
-inadequate support system
how do we treat PTSD?
-reconstruction of trauma
-stress management techniques
Generalized anxiety disorder
-excessive anxiety and worry for more than 6 months
-50% of patients have another mental disorder
how do we treat generalized anxiety?
-behavior therapy
-unwanted persistent intrusive thoughts and impulses
-recognizes that obsessions
are product of their own mind
-repetitive compulsions in response to obsessions (aimed at reducing distress)
-preoccupation with order, lists, rules, details
-excessive devotion to work
-lack of generosity
-behavior patterns are unconcious
what is the psychoanalytic hypothesis of OCD?
-conflicts of the oedipal stage of development lead to regression to the anal stage
what are the neuropathologic hypotheses about OCD?
-abnormalities in:

-frontal lobe
-limbic structures
-possible serotonin problem
treatments for OCD
-exposure and response prevention
-cingulotomy (in extreme cases)
what types of OCD patients should get behavioral therapy?