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What are some common pitfalls in prescribing antibiotics ?
prescribing for viruses or chronic colonization
overusing combination therapy
using a drug beyond its scope
using for persistent fever
inadquate surgical therapy
home IV therapy
Why is monotherapy preferred ?
less potential for error
less ADR's (less suprainfections,less toxic and allergic reactions)
What are the indications for using combination therapy ?
initial therapy for severe infection w/ unknown etiology
mixed infections
to prevent resistance in TB
decreased toxicity (able to reduce the dose of both meds)
enhanced antibacterial action
What are two situations where combination therapy is useful in preventing resistance ?
Aminoglycosides and penicillin

Rifampin and INH for TB
Why do we draw and monitor peak levels ?
for efficacy purposes
Why do we draw and monitor trough levels ?
for toxicity...if the trough stays too high, it can be toxic
When do you draw a trough ?
at least 30 minutes before the dose
When do you draw a peak ?
2 hours after the dose