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Why would be use 2nd or 3rd generation ceph for PCN Failure?
They overcome extended spectrum beta-lactamase producers.
What are the parts of CC AND HPI?
What are the sx,
Rate of development
There prior tx
What was the response
Fever, sweats, malaise, anorexia, mental status, worsening of preexisting med. condition.
What are the eight aspects of PMH?
- DM
- COPD/Lung Disease
- Cancer
- Splenectomy
- Alcoholism
- Disrupted normal barriers
What are some drugs that can decrease immunity?
- immunosuppressants, steriods, chemotherapy
What are the six aspects of SH?
- Where pt. lives
- Recent travel
- Alcoholism, IVDA
- Sexual activity
- Exposure to food
- Place of employment
Describe how VS indicate a pt. may have an infection?
Fever: controlled elevation of body temperature above the normal range
- fluctuates 0.6C (1F)
- lowest in the morning, peaks at 4 - 6 hr.
Describe the variability in the three diff methods of measuring a fever.
Rectal: 0.6 C (1 F) higher
Axillary: 0.6 C (1 F) lower
Describe how VS indicate a pt may have an infection?
RR: tachypnea (RR>20) respiratory infection
HR: (HR < 60) with fever suggestive of intracellular.
Blood Pressure: Frank Hypotension
Lower and Upper Respiratory Infections
What are some of the diagnostic tests that can be done for infections?
- CBC w/ differential
- Urinalysis
- Chest x-ray
- Cultures
- CRP and ESR
- Indium Leukocyte Scan
What is the left shift?
During an infection more NEUTROPHILS are released from bone marrow.
1. Eosinophils:
2. Monocytosis:
3. Leukocytosis:
4. Lymphocytosis:
5. Neutrophils:
1. increase parasite infections and allergic reactions.
2. increased in infect
3. A response to infection/inflammation
4. An increase virus or tumors.
Absolute Neutrophil Count
- (% bands + %segs) x wbc
- ANC < 500 cells/mm3
Three ways of collecting urinalysis:
- catherization
- midstream clean catch
- suprapubic bladder aspiration
What are the ESR (Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate) and CRP (C-Reactive Protein)?
ESR: < 20 mm/hr, measures how quickly the erthyrocytes settle.
- increases slowly and returns to baseline after several days.
CRP: 0.08-3.1 mg/L
- elevated within hours and declines to baseline over several days
- marker of acute injury, infection or inflam.