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sulfonamides inhibit:
this enzyme is active in humans/bacteria?
dihydropteroate synthetase. (comp inhib, mimics PABA)
active in bacteria only
sulfonamide - uptake:
sulfasalazine - not absorbed. given orally to cure ulcerative colitis.
trimethoprim inhibit:
this enzyme is active in humans/bacteria?
dihyrdofolate reductase
active in bacteria and humans, yet drug has much higher affinity for bacterial form
anti-folate cocktail
TMP-SMZ. trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole. aka Bactrim
bactrim uses - long list - TMP-Smz mnemonic
Tree - resp tree. strep pneu and h influ
Mouth - GI tract: shigella, salmonella, e coli, vibrio cholerae - though quinolone are 1st choice
Pee - UTI's from e coli
Smz - aidSYNDROME - pneumocystis pneumonia

not any anaerobes
bactrim main use:
fluoroquinolone - mechanism:
interfere with topoisomerase / gyrase
fluroquinolone mnemonic:
all have -floxacin suffix. think of "flock of sinners" who "gyrate their hips as they party and dance" as they inhibit DNA gyrase
fluroquinolone uptake:
inhibitors of uptake:
absorbed orally.
inhibited by cations that are present in antacids, e.g. Al and Mg
fluoroquinolone elimination:
mostly kidney. some of them are liver, or a combination of kidney/liver.
fluoroquinolone uses:
-crotch area: gonorrhea, UTI, prostatitis, PID
-pneumococcal pneumonia, pseudomonas
-GI - 1st choice for shigella, salmonella, e coli, cholera, campylobacter
fluoroquinolone side effects:
cartilage damage - especially kids
QT interval prolongation
Metronidazole: trade name and reason
Flagyl - kills flagellated bugs
metronidazole uses:
anaerobics - C Diff
anaerobic protozoa - trichomonas, giardia, entamoeba
metronidazole: why won't it work against aerobes?
drug must be reduced to be activated. aerobes have too low redox potential.