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Carbidopa mechanism
reversible inhibitor of amino acid decarboxylase (decarboxylates L-DOPA)

doesn't enter brain
clinical use of carbidopa
prevent adverse effx of L-DOPA
domperidone mechanism
dopamine antagoinist; does not cross blood brain barrier
bromocriptine, mechanism
directly stimulates dopamine receptor
bromocriptine; problemas
efectos secundarios similar to L DOPA
Anticholinergics; clinical use for parkinson
"restore" dopamine/Ach balance. helpful for tremor (not good for older pts)
Amantadine, clinical use/efx
mild direct dopamine agonist; blocks dopamine reuptake

symptomatic tx of parkinsons
selegine mechanism
selective irreversible inhibiter of MAO type B.

block CNS dopamine metabolism
L DOPA effect duration and therapeutic window as parkinsons progresses
therapeutic window narrows

duration of response shortens
tolcapone mechanism
blocks metabolism of dopamine
entacapone mechanosm
block metabolism of dopamine