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The woman who shook up the family tree was found in locality___ .

172 127 154 162 145
The woman was found ___

Right where Donald Johansesn said pull over and stepped out of the Land Rover

As Donald headed about to leave
As Donald headed about to leave
The woman who shook up the family tree was found ___
in ethipoia
The Ministry of culture suggested the fossil be named
Maurice Taeb wanted Donald to go to the

Afar Depression / Omo Area
Afar Depressio
At AL 333 Jonasen found

Dinkinesh / Lucile / Lucy/ The First Family
The First Family
Many anthropologists thought that the woman who shook up the family tree was

afarensis / africanus

Richard Leakey turned down the offer to visit Donald in Hadar

Clyde Snow handles about ____ cases a year.

35 75 335 3535 500
The Pelvis of a male is ___

steep waled /. not steep walled
steep walled
There are ___ bones in the human body.

103 / 106 / 203 / 206 / 211
Ronnie who worked in Clyde's building and disappeared was a

tall woman / small man/ weekend transvesite
weekend transvestite
Cranial structures in the braincase begin to fuse and disappear in the

mid-teens / late teens / early thirties / mid twenties
mid twenties
Elmer J. McCurdy killed in 1911 turned up in a

california funhouse / california warehouse / california gas station
california funhouse
We now know for certain that General Custer was buried at

West P oint / Little Big Horn/ Arlington / None of them
None of the above
The first systematic study of garbage was done by

Hering / William / Howard/ Scherwin / Lord
Fresh Kills will have to be closed when it reaches ___ feet elevation

202/303/ 404/ 505 /707
Fresh Kills will have to be closed because

growing bacteria / pollutant / viruses / odors / none of these
The Garbage Project is being carried out by the University of ___

NY/ Florida/ California/ Arizona / New Jersey
When asked, "Can you see anything?" ___ said "Yes WOnderful Things"

Hering / Scherwin / William/ Howard
Howard Carter
Charlesfort was ____.

English / French / German/ Spanish / Arabic
The first systematic study of garbage was done in 1921 by

civil engineers / archaeologists/ anthropologists / bottle collections / B and C
Civil Engineer
___ saved the US army from wasting 2,500,000 pounds of food a day

Hering / Scherwin/ William / Howard / Lord
The ____ was interested in Kessenger's garbage

National Inquirer / Globe ? Fbi / Family of Jospeh Bonanno
National Inquirer
___ spent more on education toys

Mex / People in white / people in affluent / people who work
Mexican American families