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most long standing type of political organization amongs foragers of 20 to hundreds of people that come together at certain times of the year depending on foraging patterns adn ritual schedule.
human language has infinate productivity, or the ability to communicate many messages efficiently. Example is that birds can only signal danger is coming by getting louder while people can just say what they mean.
belief in souls or double. people needed ways to explain the difference between the living and the dead. the concept of a soul that exists in all living things and departs from the body after death.
expressive culture
beliefs and behavior related to art, play, leisure activites. Anthropoligists look at how art is related to microcultural variation, inequality, power adn change.
the rate of popultaion growth derived form the numbers of births and deaths. culture shapes fertility.
third gender in native american cultures. dresses like a female but born a male and may do female tasks and have sex with either gender. source of pride and supressed because of whites and christian missionaries.
the cross cultural study of music. related to anthro because they study the form of music within cultures, the social position of musicians, and how music interacts with other domains of culture.
rates of fertility and mortality are high among poor.
a cross cultural approach ot medicine. Importnat because the cultural knowledge of local plants and their use for a variety of purposes in different settings. increasing awareness of the range of useful plants worldwide provides a strong incentive for protecting the world's cultural diversity, because it is people who are the repositories of knowledge about different botanical resources.
a notable specialist who is considered a healer that mediates between the spirit world and humans
learnign a new language involves learning a new set of sounds which are called phonemes. the study of phenomes is called phonetics.
the study of communication that occurs through body movements, positions, facial expressions and spatial behavior. A form of non-verbal language that has rules for corect usage. THere are cross cultural variations and possibilites for code switching. Misunderstanding of body language can often happen becuase it is based on arbitary symbols.
structural suffering
the attempt of medical anthros to borden the ethnomedicine. Devistating forces that cause economic and political situations like war, famine, and poverty. affect health from depression to death.
a round trip to a sacred place for religious reasons. a hardship with the thought that the more suffering, the more merit one accumulates. Transformative since it removes one from everyday life.
political group made up of bands or lineage groups with similar lifestyle and language and territory.