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gargantuan (adjective)

gar-gan choo- n

There was a gargantuan sale where hundreds of person were together.
vital (adjective)

referring to life
necessary, essential
lively, busy

The air and water are vital elements that we can't not suvive without.

boyycott (verb,noun)

boi kot
to refuse to sue or buy something as an act of protest

The customer, didn't like the product and he decided to boycott the dress.
anthropological (adjective)

an thr p loj i k l
referring to the sudy of human beings.

My brother is doing an anthropological study about south american origins.
chauvinism (noun)

sho v niz m
prejudiced devotion to a group or country.

His chauvinistic way of being make him so rude.
pandemonium (noun)

pan d -mo ne- m
chaos, confusion, noise

The employees's strike cause a terrible pandemonium for all the company.
misanthrope (noun)

mis n-throp
a person who hates other people.

The old man, who hated everyone, showed he was a misanthrope person even with his own family.
genocide (noun)

jen -sid
planned murder of an entired group

Hitler's genocide was famous all over the world, becuase it left millions deaths.
philanthropist (noun)

fi-lan thr -pist
one who wishes to help humanity by giving large gift.

My dad won an award for being a philanthropist, when he donate a building for the creation of an asylum.
psyche (noun)

si ke
mental state, soul

We need to care about our psyche and body in order to have a nice life.
congenital (adjective)

ken-jen i t l
existing at birth / habitual.

Their son was born with a congenital disability in his right leg.
pseudonym (noun)

sood n-im
assumed name

I didn't know you wrote those letters 'cause you put a pseudonym instead of your name.
genesis (noun)

jen i-sis
origin, beginning

The first book of the Biblie, Genesis, describes the origin of the world.

panorama (noun)

pan -ram-
a clear view
a wide -ranging survey

You can see a great panorama from this side of the building.
psychosomatic (adjective)

si ko-so mat ik
reffering to physical disorders that are caused by the mind.

The little girl developed a sychosomatic illness one month ago.
renowed (adjective)


His renowed paintings, that had a great value were donated to the mussean.
viable (adjective)

vi eb l
capable of living, workable

Everybody thinks you are viable to develop that task for your unlimited patience.
nominal (adjective)

nom n l
a vey small amount
in a name only

The president gave to the poor people a nominal donation, that will be not enough for them.
vivacious (adjective)

vi-va sh s
lively, full of spirit

She is 65 yeras old but anyway she her vivacity, working hard with the kids since she was 18.