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What social conditions provide the context for the rise of cults in the US
Coercive Persuasion

Margaret Singer: “Coming out of the cults”
Pg 373
1. “void,” individual’s gain a profound sense of duty, responsibility, purpose, higher meaning, co-dependency, belonging, and perceived clarity of the cult’s mission.

2.Cultic organizations exploit an individual’s weakness into a form of submission to cultic “solutions.” Routines or rituals are carried out that aim to breakdown a person into full vulnerability; a prescribed form of 3“cleansing
4 Information flows and organizational goals are no longer questioned
void, solution, cleansing(sing)
How is it that self-censorship works as control? Give examples of how it works
1. Media control what we see and inevitably beli-Iraq for Sale
2. direct control because you fear being punished or being outside “the group”. In the film Direct Order which described the Anthrax vaccine in the military,
3. Self-censorship keeps you in line and worried about others opinions within your own mind. narrow scale
Prison system-watch tower
What is the significance of incremental change? Why is
Incremental change an important concept?
Worked Over – Nader really loved this book. The shift from
“gospel of work” to “gospel of wealth;” consumerism slowly infiltrated the smallcommunity, steering it away from its producerism values (also, truststaking over); workers gradually became employees dependent on the
company(dumbing-down the job processes)
2. Corporate America as the father of us all" - how capitalism changed
family unit (see below). Painted motherhood in an inadequate light;
only by consumerism could mothers provide their children with a happy,
fulfilled life.
When is harmony ideology hegemonic? When is it coercive? When is consensus hegemonic control? Discuss the significance of the concept in the case of colonial
a difference in power involved between the two parties
This power differential can be coercive when the party with more authority mandates the use of practices such as Alternative Dispute Resolution which supports harmonious relations above controversial ones. Consensus becomes a form of control when the motives behind such persuasion do not benefit the individuals well being but other parties, such as corporations or political interests.
ex zopotiz-double edged
26. What is deprogramming; how would you apply it to everyday life?
Deprogramming is the psychological process where the individual reclaims their autonomy after having been programmed. Nader makes reference to this in the “Controlling Processes” piece when she describes women after they realize they have been duped into getting breast implants.

1.Coercive Persuasion (brainwashing), Religious Cults and Deprogramming” they discuss reversing group control and influence over an individuals through methods such as sleep deprivation, sensory overload, repetitious activities, isolation, moving the deprogramee and occasionally physical force.
2. Singer’s article “Coming Out of the Cults” in which some of the conditions experienced by people after they have left a are discussed. Some of these conditions include, depression, a feeling of loss, loneliness, reclusive or antisocial behavior, also indecisiveness, trouble concentrating and expressing their needs, passivity, many fear that they will never return to a normal way of life where they have control over themselves
The use of the oratory as a Social control is directly linked to thought control
The corporate command directed the use of education for its laborer and engineer-manager. The corporations developed the language used in industry and then make it required for those in education
Piven and Cloward
The Poor are regulated when the elite utilized a sophisticated language in both there private and personal life. There is simple thought control in the face that the elite must always think in these terms and the poor must also if they want anything from the elite.
Clearly issues of gender specific language. Barbara McClintock an isolated as an outsider because the language used diminished the capacities of female. Also the term “Central Dogma” controlled all the thoughts of scientists at the time to believe that it couldn’t be any other way.
1. Missionaries utilized the language to influence the inhabitants of New Guinea. “The version of God’s word
Using Judgment Day as the key to conversion, the pastors used thought control to convert them to believing redemption was only way.
According to Rahnema, how does development constitute an
ideology and what are its components?
Because development is ethnocentric, target populations are coerced
tolearn the ways of the modern "white man" civilization. These, as shown
prior, leads to a removal of life supports systems already developed by
their society.
What does Aronson mean when he says physiological need is no longer the primary purpose of producing food?
Large corporations now produce food, primarily for profit.
2. Women are idealized as being responsible for their family’s health. And thus women are seen as indirectly responsible for public health. The public campaign against obesity exacerbates this responsibility because the woman is pressured to consume products that will keep her slim and her family healthy. The irony is that these products are indirectly responsible for some forms of child-hood obesity. Therefore the market promotes an unhealthy lifestyle and indirectly blames mothers
“List the visiting lecturers—who did you like best and why? Do the same for films.”
Linda Coco
IRAQ FOR SALE; the war profiteers Iraq as a hugely successful business. The outsourcing and what happens when a govt. begins to outsource a war.
Blackwater federal contracts, TITAN and C.A.C.I (private contractors) discusses how congress hired contractors, people not qualified for jobs in Iraq and that there was no chain of command and no supervision. Outsourcing to KBR/ Halliburton…Contractors = soldiers losing their jobs. Basically, movie reveals war in Iraq as “no duty, no honor, no country.” Goal of corporations/contractors to make deals & make money by sending people into Iraq, no matter what. “Kill, bag, replace!” More $ spent, more $ made.
Write a book review of Captains of Consciousness. What do you think of the argument?
Advertising emerged during the industrial revolution—products were mass produced so the business men had to create an internal need within the people to consume these products. The strategy was first to shorten the amount of time (hours) that a worker spent in the factory and to increase wages
The feminist demand for equality and freedom for women was appropriated into the jargon of consumerism. Example of this is the 1929 campaign in which the American Tobacco Company attempted to induce women to smoke cigarettes in public places (because it is traditionally not proper for women to smoke, they wanted to present that they were on their side and should have the freedom to smoke…) but really wanted to sell their product to an extended market.