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What is religion
Beliefs and practices about spirit beings and supranormal and superhuman forces and thier relationship to everyday life
What elements of belief or practice are common to most religions
connect with the spiritual
to explain the world
for healing, solace and emotional release
Unite communities, social control, economic adaptation
How do beliefs differ: What types of beings or forces do people in different cultures believe in
Anamism: The belief that souls anamate living things
Anamatism: belief in generalized, pervasive spiritual power
Monotheism, polytheism, mortal heros, saints, ghosts, ancestors, animal beings(totems)
How is religion related to healing
Beliefs in spiritual causes of sickness or withcraft or possession
Ritual diagnosis through mediums, diviners, healers
What types of religious practitioners are there
Shamans, preists, witches, diviners, healers, mediums