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Corded Ware culture
- Corded ware beakers
- AKA 'single grave' culture
- Single inhumation burials
- Stone axes (battle axes)
Corded Ware Culture Burials
- Head to west
- Buried with weapons and beakers

- Head to east
- Animal teeth jewellery, disks, amphorae, copper

- Miniature pots and axes
Key Ideas
Single Episode of Violence
- Maybe caused change in burial pattern for these individuals

Family out-ranked traditional position
- Change body position of children to reflect family rather than gender

DNA and isotopes can tell us about kinship
- Nuclear family
- Patrilocality
- Exogamy
Cassowary Contest
- Replaces inter-clan warfare
Trobriander Family System
- Matrilineal society
- A man is responsible for caring for his sister's family
Why did the Trobrianders and Christian missionaries have difficulty understanding each other?
- Sexual practices