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What is a matrilineal system?
A power structure where the mothers pass the family inheritance to their daughters. In addition it is a kinship system.
Which regions have matrilineal systems?
Asia, Pacific Islands, Latin America, and Africa. It is rare though. Only about 15 percent of societies are matrilineal.
What are some of the influences which weaken a matrilineal system?
World religion, colonialism(p119) GCF and in modern times the government of Indonesia and media.
What is a titled man?
The one son in each generation to be selected as part of a kin group. Once he dies the best candidate of his sister's sons is selected be kin deliberation.
What big change occured along with the establishment of an Indonesian state in 1945?
The women decided to move out of the big houses and into their own homes.
What does the Big house signify and reflect in Minangkabu culture?
Elite family rank and the preference to keep the daughters at home.
Now what is more common in the Tanjung Batang, single family or extended-family households?
Single family
How does education change the values of the Minangkabu?
The schools have the children dress in clothes that reinforce gender roles and stress the importance of serving the husband's needs. They also tell the students to adopt "modern" values as opposed to the villages beliefs.
What is an important factor besides spiritual compatability in Minankabu marriage?
Status including whether or not the groom is titled and an elite. This is to protect the status of the family.
What is the Indonesian state's projected image of womanhood?
She takes care of her nuclear family and ensure harmony at home.
Does Islam support the states view of women's roles?
yes. It encourages women to be responsible for their families because of her quality of love and the man shall be the bread winner because of his stronger physique.
How do the the Minangkabau housewives differ from those of the West?
They work outside of the home as well as recieve financial report from extended family.
How has matriliny changed in modern times?
The major difference is that women will live in separate homes but close to their mothers where they can maintain close contact with the kin group.
Does matriliny still exist?
Yes. Although the wives may gain land through the help of their husbands, this land will be passed down to the daughter. Also the wife has access to the husbands income but it does not work the other way around.