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Max Gluckman
Ritual of social relations
1. Role of individual
2. Style
3. Mysticial effect/Supernatural (healing powers)

* example of man from matrilineal society who thought he was being rejected

- Mutlipex rls inolved in ritual
perception of reality
Seven steps: Global identity and the U.S. south
1. Regional identity
2. Opposition to nation
3. Secession
4. Defeat
5. Resentment
6. Global idenity
7. Grounded Globalism
Early globalism
16th through 18th centuries
19th through 20th centuries
Time frame
Current globalism
21st century
"the south carries a heavier burden than the rest of the country because it was custom to defeat and slavery"
Opposition to Integration (Global identity and the U.S. south)
Integration: the south begins to see itself as something larger after reconstruction; also, 9/11 our absolute truth is challeneged by outside ideas/influences, Spanish-American War and WW's: south joined the rest of the country to fight common enemy
Dualism to pluralism
Dualism: South thought of itself as black and white, now there are many identities
Berry- globalism
Our sense of place is changing
Shepard Krech
"The Ecological Indian"- idea that indians were hormousneous with nature is not completley true- all humans have the ability to make mistakes, complex portriat of Native American indians
Dance and Trance in Bali, purpose: come to terms w/ death to keep living
- Ritual solidifies people's social structure: people are chosen for different roles
Berry and Mead
Berry would say the temple is the only mention of place in the ritual- temple is where people are brought to bring them out of trance
- Would point out that they were very accepting of the fact that a dog came in and ate the offering and the women comes out of trance at the same time (dog was allowed into sacred place)
1. Protestism leads to capitalism and the other (Asian religions) have a negative affect on this
Weber and Calvinist
- Used this to argue that there was a separate between meaning, symbol and social
- Calvanist believed meaning would come in the afterlife not on earth
- believed some were predestined to be saved and others were not- people tried to prove they were predestined
1900, Freud, Jung, Darwin
Emphasis on past, orgins, totem and taboo, psyche> symbol
1950> Weber, Persons, Durkheim, Malinowski
- Emphasis on present: functions, social actions, symbol> psyche
2000> Peacock, Berry
- Emphasis on future planning, preservation, sustainable development, bioethics, human rights, capitalism, power, gender, diversity, symbol is psyche
The argument of E.F.R.L.
Social experiences create religion
- Soceity and religion closely connected
Religious belief created a new social structure
Hans Georg Gadamar
Intrepretation is a mode of being
- Foreunderstanding

Connecting themes (main theme)
Ways to relate meaning, symbols and context through psyche, globalism
dimension of truth embodied in theology that is based on our experiences and conception
- objectifies consciousness
Main parts of connecting themes essay
1. Ritual
2. Psyche
3. Globalization
- One of Berry's followers
- We're in period similar to Cenozoic (65 million years ago) following distinction of dinos
- Offers three alternatives
Three alternatives offered by Green
1. Globalization driven by free market>> we would lose our tradition way of life
2. Go back to tribal ways of life
3. Ecozoic
- Doesnt seek to go backward, realizes no prior way can provide adequant answers
Grounded globalization
- Impacts of globalization in the locales where it is grounded
- Parts that make the mind work
- Self
- Shadow
- Anima
- Animus
- Persona
Subconscious and conscious unified
Same in both genders, can be different in how it is expressed> evil twin or unexplainable instinct
Stronger in males
Stronger in females> unconscious self is balanced between male and female
Mask that connects you with society, enviromentally and culturally influenced