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adductor tubercle - what muscles attach
adductor magnus
intertrochanteric line - location, what bone?
femur - proximal near neck of femur
Osgood schlatter disease
Osgood Schlatter Disease is the disruption of the epiphysial plate at the tibial tuberosity

chronic recurring pain adolescence
especially in young athletes
femoral triangle
(superiorly) the inguinal ligament
(medially) the medial border of the adductor longus muscle
(laterally) medial border of the sartorius muscle
how to bring out the sartorius?
L. Tailor

Flexes, abducts, laterally rotates the thigh at the hip joint, and flexes the leg at the knee joint
femoral nerve roots and innervates what muscles?
(L2,3,4) innervates all of the following muscles:
Iliacus - flexes the thigh
Pectinius – adducts and flexes the thigh
Sartorius – flexes, abducts, and laterally rotates thigh, flexes leg at the knee joint
Quadriceps – extends leg at the knee:
Rectus femoris (also flexes thigh)
Vastus medialis
Vastus lateralis
Vastus intermedius
femoral nerve anterior or posterior roots?
what muscle stabilizes the hip while in standing position?
Psoas maj. m.
Cutaneous distribution of femoral n. in the lower limb
Anterior cutaneous branches of femoral nerve
Innervate skin of the thigh
Saphenous nerve
Innervates skin of the medial aspect of the leg and foot
medial compartment of thigh
Adductor longus
Adductor brevis
Adductor magnus
Obturator externus
what passes through the adductor hiatus?
femoral a. and v.
muscle commonly used for surgical graft in muscles or tendons in forearm
muscles that cross hip and knee joint?
Rectus femoris – flexes the hip and extends the knee

Gracilis – adducts the hip & flexes the knee

Sartorius – flexes, laterally rotates the hip, flexes the knee

Hamstrings - extend the hip and flex and rotate the knee
most anterior structure of the pes ansirinus
sartorius, gracillis, and semitendinousis
what structures traverse the adductor canal?
adductor hiatus?
saphenous n
femoral n

hiatus - only the artery and vein pass through
cruciate anastamosis around the hip joint
3 or 4 perforating arteries???
Femoral n. branches after what structure?
Inguinal ligament
femoral nerve - located inside or outside femoral sheath?
femoral triangle borders
what is found here?
Superiorly – inguinal ligament
Medially – adductor longus m.
Laterally – sartorius m.

Femoral nerve & its branches
Femoral sheath & its contents
Femoral artery, vein, femoral canal

Fascia lata, superficial fascia, skin
Where do you cannulate in the lower limb?
Femoral artery from the femoral triangle
Adductor (Subsartorial) Canal
Boundaries of the canal are as follows:
Laterally - Vastus medialis
Medially - Sartorius muscle – forms roof
Posteriorly – Adductor longus & magnus muscles

Contents of the canal include the following:
- Femoral artery & vein
- Saphenous nerve
- Nerve to vastus medialis