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What are quantative traits?
traits that can be measured or described (skeletal size, speed)
What are qualitative traits?
traits that are subjectively measured. hair color, horned vs. polled
What is selection?
differential reproduction -- preventing some animals from reproducing while allowing others to have offspring
What is selection differential? What is another synonym?
reach. the superiority (or inferiority) of the selected animals compared to the herd average
What is heritability?
the portion of the selection differential that is passed from parent to offspring
What is realized heritability?
the portion actually obtained compared to what was attempted in selection
What is generation interval?
the average age of the parents when the offspring are born
What is the primary reason for using AI?
so that genetically superior sires can be used more extensively
What are EPDs? How do you calcuate EPDs??
expected progeny differences. by using various information on an individual such as siblings, ancestors, and progeny.