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What are two general classifications of animal breeders?
seedstock breeders (purebred producers) and commercial breeders (producers)
What are mating systems primarily identified by?
genetic relationship of the animals being mated.
What are two major systems of mating?
inbreeding and outbreeding
What is inbreeding? Do the offspring have an increased homozygosity or heterozygosity?
the mating of related animals. homozygosity.
What is outbreeding?
the mating of animals not as closely related
What are the two different forms of inbreeding?
intensive inbreeding
What is intensive inbreeding?
mating of closely related animals whose ancestors have been inbred for several generations
What is linebreeding? Why would a producer use this method?
a mild form of inbreeding where inbreeding is kept relatively low while maintaining a high genetic relationship to an ancestor.
already have high genetics in herd, can't find any genetics that are higher than his
What are the four types of outbreeding?
1. species cross
2. crossbreeding
3. outcrossing
4. grading up
What is crossbreeding? What are the two main reasons for crossbreeding?
crossing animals of different breeds.
1. breed complementation
2. heterosis (hybrid vigor)
Is crossbreeding commonly used in swine, beef cattle and sheep?
What is outcrossing?
the mating of unrelated animals within the same breed
What is grading up? What can it lead to?
the mating of purebred sires to commercial-grade females and their female offspring for several generations. can lead to an animal being registered as a purebred animal)
What are synthetic or composite breeds?
new breeds formed by crossing several breeds