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American Quarter Horse
origin: US (VA and NC) general purpose. stock horse, short-distance racing, pleasure riding.
short, broad head with large jaws and small ears
very muscular
stock and thoroughbred
most popular in US
American Saddlebred
Kentucky, Tennessee, Virginias, Missouri.
long graceful arched necks "high heads"
level topline - high tail set. refine. "peacock of horse world" "light for their height"
showing under saddle at 3 or 5 gates, pleasure, fine-harness show horse
Nez Perce Indians in NW Idaho, SW Washington and NE Oregon.
white sclera of eye (like humans)
striped hooves
mottled skin
body type like Quarter Horse.
stock horse, pleasure, showing, racing
desert country of Arabia - oldest breed of horse
"dished" head (concave profile)
high head carriage, long arched neck.
short back, level topline, high tail carriage
pleasure, showing, endurance and competitive trail riding, racing
New England States
long, sloping shoulder
high, upright head carriage
level topline, short back
dark liver and black chestnut colors
showing, pleasure, endurance, competitive trail riding
no clear breed type since selection is based on speed
race under harness at either a trot (2 beat diagonal or pace (2 beat lateral gate)
harness racing, Amish buggy horses, shown as "Roadsters"
Tennessee Walking Horse
natural overstride of hind feet, often hind foot placed over 50 in in front of forefoot print. similar to Saddlebred but larger bone and muscles
sickle hocks common
no clear breed type since selection is based on speed
tend to be "leggy" deep chested and "stand over a lot of ground"
racing, hunters and jumpers, polo
Paint and Pinto
US (or Mexico)
color pattern:
overo: white doesnt cross back, splashy body markings
tobiano: white corsses the back between the withers and tailhead. regular and oval shaped body markings
most are practically purebred quarter horse (same uses)
body color approx. US gold coin with a white mane and tail.
uses are same as breed of origin
feet and leg conformation
"no feet, no horse" structure affects the smoothness of the ride and gate of horse. need to know ideal. drop an imaginary line from some anatomical point of the horse to the ground, then observe if the horse deviates from the ideal.