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total milk production breed rank
Brown Swiss
% fat in milk breed rank
Brown Swiss
milk composition
87.5% water, 12.5% solids
of solids:
3.8% fat (butterfat)
3.5% Protein
4.5% Carbohydrate (lactose)
0.7% Minerals (Ca and P)
General Production:
calf birth weights
calving interval
calf birth weights: 50-95 lbs
Calving interval: 13.1 mos
longevity: 3.5 lactations (5-6 yrs old)
reasons for culling dairy cow (5)
1. reproductive failure
2. mastitis
3. low milk yield
4. feet and let unsoundness
5. disease and injury
all breed milk yield
16,871 lbs
type score
80 out of 100
general trends
what has happened to total yearly MILK?
# herds decreasing
avg. herd size increasing
total # cows in US decreasing
milk production per cow has been increasing
= total yearly milk stayed constant
Ayrshire (color, mature weight, origin, lbs milk, % butterfat)
light to deep cherry red.
dark eyes and muzzle
horned, usually dehorned
mature: 1200 lb
avg production: 15,100 lb milk
3.9% butterfat
hardy, can handle extremes
nervous, hard to handle. (low milk, low milk solids)
Brown Swiss (color, mature weight, origin, lbs milk, % butterfat)
Brown, Tan, Grey
polled and horned
mature: 1400 lbs
avg: 10,031 lb milk
4.0% butterfat
hardy, heavy boned. dual purpose in Europe. good veal. one of oldest breeds
Guernsey (color, mature weight, origin, lbs milk, % butterfat)
shades of golden brown with white
polled and horned
mature: 1100 lb
Channel Island
14,100 lb milk
4.5% butterfat
yellow color due to fat.
characteristic leg problems
Holstein-Friesian (color, mature weight, origin, lbs milk, % butterfat)
Black and white
polled and horned
mature: 1500 lbs
Holland and NW Germany
20,317 lbs milk
3.6% butterfat.
large and rugged. US breed. 70% of US dairy cow production
Jersey (color, mature weight, origin, lbs milk, % butterfat)
brown, tan
polled and horned
mature: 1000 lb
Isle of Jersey
14,275 milk
4.7% butterfat
2nd most popular. fine boned, dished forehead. high milk production compared to smaller body size
Dairy Herd Improvement Association
most common, official testing and management recordkeeping system. primary means for genetic improvement.
provides: cow production, reproductive, mastitis data, bull test data. nutrition and breeding, due dates, dry dates.
what is type score based on? related to milk production?
related to longevity?
based on conformation only. not much relation to type score and milk production. very related to longevity