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A)individual or group fed analysis
B)measure feed intake
C)measure weight gain
D)calculate feed efficiency
In Situ Rumen Digestibility Trials
(Estimating nutrient digestion rates)
1.Surgically fit the animal with a cannula through a fistula
2.Place feed or feed ingredient in bag and place bag in rumen through cannula
3.Periodically remove the bag in the rumen
4.Determine the amount (nutrient) digested or degraded in the rumen
Rumen Degradable Protein; IE soybean meal
Rumen Undegradable Protein; IE fish meal, blood meal; old name “By-pass” protein
Feedstuffs consist of organic molecules:
C, H, O, N, S, P
Near infared reflectance spectroscopy; determine the amount of a nutrient in a diet or feedstuff based on the amount of light refracted by the sample
Moisture, protein, amino acids, fiber, fat, ash, energy, contaminants etc, etc, etc
the amount of heat required to raise the temperature of 1 gram (1mL or 1 CM3) of water 1 degree centigrade
Krebs Cycle
Electron Transport Chain
3 Components of energy expenditure:
physical activity, heat increment, basal metabolism
**What is the main reason that animal life is possible on this planet?
-because animal cells can trap energy for later use
-the chemical bonds between C, H and O in the fuel foods which are consumed by animals store more energy then ends up in the bonds of the resulting molecules of CO2 and H2O