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Cell surface Glycoproteins (____) serve as _______ _______.
Lectins; docking tethers
For salmonella to cause a problem it takes ____ organisms in one ingestion to cause a problem
Competitive Exclusion:
bacteria compete to attach to lectins
-A very safe weapon for veterinarians and animal scientists to use to protect animals against pathogenic organisms that enter the digestive tract
the direct fed microbials (__________) that are most effective are those that:
originate from the same animal for which it is intended to be used
Why is it important for young animals to receive colosterum w/in first 24 hrs?
-because the anitibodies need to be absorbed
pinching off of antibodies that leads to absorption
Gut Closure
after first 24hrs things are digested, not absorbed through pinocytosis
Where is lactase produced?
-in the small intestines mucosal cells
Where is lactose produced?
in mammary glands
What is the major function of lactose in milk?
-act as an osmotic pump so milk contains lots of water
water molecules move towards the side of a semi permeable membrane that had the higher concentration of non-diffusible particles
Red blood cells:
“erythrocytes” (biconcave disc)
to shrivel/ shrink
Which solution of red blood cells would be a 0.9% (or 9000 ppm) NaCl solution or a 5% glucose solution?
Which solution of red blood cells would have the most non-diffusable particles?
Which solution of red blood cells would eventually have a red color?
Which solution would have red blood cells that remain the same?
Which solution would have red blood cells shrink?
Which solution would have red blood cells that swell and burst?
Lactose Intolerance
AKA Lactose deficiency
-approximately 20% of US population is lactose intolerance
-is more common in certain ethnic and racial groups: (asian, black, native American and Hispanic)
LI symptoms:
diarrhea, intestinal cramps, nausea, bloating, flatulance (colic
Test for LI and how they work.
drink lactose liquid, test blood glucose periodically- if BG increases you are metabolizing the lactose
Hydrogen breath test- if high then bacteria are fermenting lactose
Stool acidity test- pH drops in you are not metabolizing
What is whey?
-byproduct of the cheese making industry
2 types of milk protein:
casein- in cheese
whey- lactoferrin