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In addition to moisture, VFA’s (_________, _________ and ____________) and alcohols are lost during oven drying at ___ oC
acetic, propionic ad butyric; 105
Ash assay excludes:
volatile minerals (I and Se)
EE includes anything soluble in ____.
ether: IE oils, pigments, cholesterol
CP assay include:
non-protein nitrogenous compounds (IE NH3, NO3, amines, amides, urea etc)
NFE is a very vague measure of several constituents b/c:
anything soluble in acid/base will show up
CF assay excludes some _____.
fiber (included in NFE fraction)
Proximate analysis does not characterize what type of _____ is present
fiber(eg cellulose vs lignin)
___ contains most error
Interferes with carbohydrate digestion
Lignin Function:
intercellular glue; structural support; water transport; insect and disease resistence
Proximal analysis only determines _______.
Crude protein equivilance:
NNP have this b/c they can be converted
Does urea have energy?
Does Urea have CP?
281 % CPE
Protein quality:
refers to the digestibility and how well the proteins amino acid composition matches the animals amino acid needs for protein synthesis