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Why do most fish kill offs occur during the summertime?
1.Warm water holds less Do
2.In warm water fish demand more O2
3.Algae grows more rapidly in warm water
The amount of phytoplankton in a water source is directly related to the amount of _________ present in the water (especially ________ ___ __________)
nutrients;nitrogen and phosphorus
There is a possibility of oxygen depletion when the visibility of the pond is __ ______ or less
12 inches
“_____” and “______” are two terms that refer to the complete or partial absence of oxygen caused by anything
anoxic; anoxia (The fish has an anoxic brain injury. It is suffering from anoxia)
Causes of Anoxia
Carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, high altitude, anemia, hemorrhage, cyanide, heart attack, asthma, emphysema, anesthesia, strangulation, near drowning, difficult births
______ ____ in the animal body increases as oxygen decreases
Lactic acid
How is water clarity measured?
Secchi Disk; Named after Father Peitro Angelo Secchi- advisor to the pope: designed for the papal navy
The clearest/ deepest lake in the US is ______ ____ in Oregon with a secchi depth of ___ __.
Crator Lake; 120 ft
World record secchi depth: Where is it?
80 meters; Antartica
Caspian Sea:
19,000 cubic miles of water; 143,000 Sq Miles of surface area; contains buluga sturgeon
Beluga Sturgeon:
most expensive caviar in world; $17,000 /kg; eggs are black to absorb more heat in cold water
Dead Zone in Gulf of Mexico near LA:
Mississippi river runs into this dead zone
#1 thing that will shut down an animal production place is
improper waste management
What time of day are most fish fed?
*In the morning b/c during the day photosynthesis occurs and O2 is produced
What are a ponds two oxygen sources?
*plants, air